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Monday, February 14, 2011

Butterflies, Mountain Lions & Valentines Day

These little fliers were seen on my Saturday hike. Butterflies in February?

   These photos are not as nice as they should be. I am tired of fighting with this 400mm lens. I had to get back 12 feet in order to get these shots. With my other lens well...they don't want me that close. So I'm getting a new long lens soon. What I am looking at has a close focus down to less than 5 feet. If that doesn't help, I'm taking up golf.

The park had an over abundance of people on the trails which forced me into going cross country. This turned out to be good for I discovered a water source that attracted the above butterflies. Not far from it I came across the remains of a mountain lion kill which was in the area where the scat had been seen from the earlier post. As I took the photo I was wondering "just where is he right now?"
The bones were well bleached out, dry and picked over by the Turkey Vultures so I suspect these are left-overs from a kill last year. But being I was off the beaten path no one had been by and disturbed the site.

Today is our anniversary and it has turned out to be a big mistake having got married on Valentines Day. Long ago we could go out for a nice quiet meal, but that was long ago. Now to go out for our anniversary dinner we must contend with Valentines Day crowds, reservations needed weeks in advance and "special Valentines Day menus" with highly inflated prices. So for the past ten or so years we go out for our anniversary dinner a day before or after V day.
Happy 43rd Anniversary to us!
(end of rant)


  1. Do you ever take your wife with you to the anniversary dinners or is it just you and Sinbad? ;^)))

    Seriously, 43 years is a superb accomplishment. Congratulations!!!!

  2. I love Scott's comment. If I had happened upon those bones I would have wanted to stick them in my backpack and haul them out. Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely. I hope Sinbad gets a bit of a treat too :)

  3. Interesting pictures but I'm afraid it would be back to the car right now for me.

    By having your anniversay on Valentines day you are at least saving on cards and one meal out covers the two events (even if getting a table is difficult)(is the Scotsman in me showing?)

  4. Congratulations with 43 years:))
    Have a nice week.

  5. Congratulations on 43 years! And good idea on doing the dinner thing before or after Valentines. We're very quiet about celebrating Valentines because of the crowds.

  6. I hope your dinner was fantastic. Happy Anniversary!

  7. 43 years, that's beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

    Yeah, leave the catnip at home when you take that trail, eh?

  8. butterflies are hard to get close to. The best luck I've had is find a flower garden where it's teeming with them and be patient. One of the first pics i took with my 55 was a butterfly and i remember being really frustrated! and happy anniversary!

  9. Thank you all for your greetings and congrats. We went out last night in the pouring rain to a little Italian restaurant downtown and only two other tables were occupied. It was one of the places I checked into earlier. Family run it has great atmosphere and decor, delicious home-cooked style Italian dishes and a cute waitress, but not as cute as who I was sitting across from.

  10. Congrats! and I totally agree.

  11. Yeah, why is Valentine's Day such an event? It is all about money, hearts, chocolate, wine, food, and lots of people. It seems like another "mothers day" with people going nuts. I not only see this with adults, it is with high school kids as well. Like a prom or a graduation! I choose the smaller quiet places before or after the event for sure. Sounds like it turned out well for you.


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