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Friday, February 4, 2011

Desert Springtime part 2

This shot of a smoke tree was with a polarizing filter, something that works well with the harsh light of the desert skies.
This was at another desert area much further north. It was an overcast day and the yellow color in this carpet of flowers is not as vibrant as it should be. I wanted to include it for it is amazing to see in real life. So many tiny little yellow flowers. It looked like an artist took a paint brush and colored the sands.

Even the little fishook cactus, not much larger than your thumb, produces a pretty little flower.

Of course there are the sunrises...

...and sunsets.

This is the same shot cropped which I kind of like better. What do you think?
The sunrise and sunset pictures are untouched, straight out of the camera. Why mess with Nature's perfection?


  1. Hey, I, I really enjoy viewing your desert shots. I'm with you on the cropping of that sunset. It reduces it down to the parts that are the most attractive and keeps the eye in there. I crop 99% of my horizontal format photos to 16 X 9 ratio - the same as HD TV and closer to what the eye really sees.

  2. Stunning sunsets. I really like the cropped version. I bet the carpet of little flowers was beautiful to see in real life. Lovely images.

  3. It wasn't until I read your profile page that I finally saw your name Johnny Lee, and I'm glad about that. Now I can call you something besides Sinbad and I! these images are magnificent. I love that second one - it has everything that I love about the desert. wow, you live in a beautiful area, or close to it. the gold in those last two is resplendent - absolutely positively beautiful shots. some great work Johnny Lee. have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Cropped! and thanks for making my day.



  5. cooool! I really need to get a nice polarizing filter. Not sure why I don't have one, kind of silly of me. That sky is out of control! Really like the second shot too.

  6. What great shots. That first one is so beautiful. To answer your question regarding the mileage of the Atalaya trail. It's 5.5 miles round trip.

  7. Right out of the camera on the sunset! This is really a nice photo. I don't know how to get sunrises or sets very well. Super post.

  8. These pictures are very beautiful, like postcards.
    Have a great weekend:)


  9. I'm with you Sinbad, the cropped one is much more pleasing to the eye.

    I love the polarizing filter, the way color still stands out and isn't washed away or has the faded look. It seems to keep pictures real.

    Lovely photos of an amazing place.


  10. Some great shots. Often, though not always, flowers on cactus look the strangest things - it's as if sombody's just come alongs at night and poped some flowers on the spikes - you just can't see how they've managed to come fromthe plant.

  11. Great pictures, lovely blog, greeting from Belgium

  12. You've convinced me. I'm getting one of those polarizing filters, toot sweet.

  13. Thank you all for your comments.

    I have learned the polarizing filter has its selective uses. I used to think it would make all my pictures POP, but found out otherwise. I only use it in harsh midday light. Sky shots with clouds mostly. Works well too if you plan to convert the image to black & white, especially snow covered mountain scenes. Get the rotating filter and then you can adjust the effect.

  14. Brilliant shots in wonderful colours! Greetings from Luzia.


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