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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eureka Sand Dunes

It has been raining all week which has hampered my getting out and looking for things to photograph such as mountain lions and the like. So I dug into some photos of the past. These are from the Eureka Sand Dunes which are located north of Death Valley.

It is a long dirt and sometimes washboard road to get to the dunes so not that many people go there. My kind of place. This was 5 years ago when I was still camping out of a car. I had gave up on my Land Rovers and switched to the Isuzu Trooper which was much easier to drive. I remember this shot well. I had camp all set up and had just sat down in the shade to enjoy a beer after the long days drive. A fly came and landed on the bottle. I went to shoo him off and hit the bottle spilling beer all over the table and myself. Grrrr!

Sunset at the dunes.  

The next day I came across this fellow who was doing his best rattlesnake impersonation trying to intimidate me. As Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" would say "Ain't she a beauty?"


  1. What great colours in you dune and sunset pictures.

    Steve Irwin wouldn't give the snake enough peace to get itself photographed - his automatic reaction to any dangerous animal seems to have been to dive on it and grab it's tail.

    Hope you had spare beer.

  2. I really like the colors and light in these pictures.
    Tha last picture...snake scares me...uhu..
    Have a nice weekend John:)

  3. I hope that was a lesson to you not to be so selfish with your beer. I don't know what kind of snake that was but if he was trying to pretend to be a rattler, he'd have convinced me and I guarantee I'd have never got a photo of him.

  4. Gorgeous colors. I'm not sure if it makes up for spilled beer. ;)

  5. That's some beautiful and intense light in the first photo. I'd be more wary of that rattlesnake than the mountain lion!

  6. Too many years since I've been there -- but now that I see there's snakes in the area it might be just a while longer while I muster a bit of courage.

  7. What a nice place.
    Oh, yes the snake is beautiful to look at - on a photo :o))

    Have a nice weekend

  8. The dune in this light is warm dream. And let me say, that Sinbad is a very nice cat! Hugs from Luzia.

  9. Love the first photo! Now the snake is another thing.

  10. Oh, WOW! These are great! I love the desert.

    The snake IS a beauty. I love snakes; not sure how I would react to finding one out somewhere though. So far my experience is limited to tame (and well fed) pet snakes. ;o)

    I'm sorry to hear about your bear though. *shaking head* 'Round here we call that alcohol abuse. ;o)

  11. Nice shots,Crazy snake! I haven't been able to get out either. Next week will be better for all of us.

  12. that snake is gorgeous. Tried to make it to the Eureka Sand Dunes this summer but didn't get the time...must...get...to..Death...Valley...soon!

  13. I could have sworn I left a comment here a few days back because I recall that first photo taking my breath away, but it's possible that I got distracted or interrupted and never hit the publish button.
    that's a place I'd like to go. not even the snakes would deter me. and I agree, when the trails are really tough or the means of getting there a bit rough, it really does cut down on the traffic. but hey, if people are that easily deterred from seeing such beauty, all the better for those who will brave it, right? you surely have seen some beautiful country and your photos are resplendent.
    you must have the time of your life. have a great weekend Johnny Lee.

  14. For those of you who are put off by snakes, try to look at them in another way. First and foremost, they are not going to try and run you down, attack and kill you. Their more afraid of you than you can ever be of them. Think of how you look from their point of view. Be calm, be still and enjoy the view. When they see you are no threat, those who were excited will relax. Many though never get excited in the first place. They just want to put some distance between you and them. Next, from a photographer's viewpoint they are your best subject that nature has to offer. Birds, small mammals, insects all take flight or beat feet when you raise your camera to your eye. Snakes will always be happy to pose for a photo and not run off. As for rattlesnakes, the same holds true and that is what zoom lenses are for. Love your snakes.


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