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Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Wildflower of 2011

I saw this on my hike yesterday. Here it is the first week of February and the first flower has bloomed. Nature must surely be confused here in California.


  1. After the freeze we've had here this winter I wonder if we'll ever see a flower again. Nice to see one to give us some hope.

  2. So nice to see:) I'm really tired of winter and looking forward to spring.
    Have a nice week:)


  3. Lovely!
    Wish our plants were popping up here in South Dakota. We have a long winter a head of us yet!

  4. Wow, seems so early!
    We have a daffodil festival in the area that moved the date up because the daffodils are coming early this year.

    I hope this means an early spring!

  5. YES! There is hope! Thank you for sharing hope with us. :-)

  6. We'd get spring nice and early in Humboldt. It was great! Last year we had two springs, cause after Humboldt we went to the SIerra for the summer and it was like spring there then...sigh. I miss that area!

  7. I am officially jealous!!! *sigh* It's ok; only another 6 months and we should have some flowers here. lol

  8. The shooting stars are coming out at Panoche. The very first was in late January!


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