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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Egret

As I mentioned in the previous post, I now have a new lens which hopefully will help me get better photos of birds. On that trip to Bodega Bay I put it to use. This egret was quite obliging in having his photo taken.

Then he had had enough and flew off. That's about a six foot wingspan.

I took quite a few pictures of Gulls who are always cooperative for a photo shoot. The shot I liked best out of the lot was this one. Looks like he has a swollen right ankle.


  1. Good thing his i.d. ring was on the opposite foot! I love Great Egrets. We get lots here and I never tire of them.

    What type of lens did you get?

  2. These are MAGNIFICENT! I LOVE the last one of his feet... it looks like he's wearing little flipper galoshes! :o)

  3. Excellent shots of the great egret.
    Gulls are not the most attactive birds (at least our herring gulls aren't - perhaps I'm biased since one once swiped a doughnut straight from my hand just as I was about to take a bite) and their feet match I'm afraid.

  4. Oh cool -- which lens did you get?

    Thanks for reminding me, in the previous post, about Bodega. I haven't been there for a while. Really isn't all that far away from Fairfax.

  5. Congrats on the new lens and you captured some great shots with it.

  6. Glad you're liking the new lens. The IS is very helpful! I just ordered one a few days ago...can't wait!
    Love the second shot -really nice!
    (the cats thank you for their blog comments too!)

  7. I like your title :) Fun getting a new lens, looks to be doing good too!

  8. I've never seen an egret that close before and they're beautiful birds, especially those beaks. my favorite is the photo of the webbed feet too - I like their color. I'm envious of the control you have with your camera and lenses.(I'm still using a point and shoot). Johnny Lee your photos are extraordinary.


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