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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amboy, California

I don't think anyone will be too disappointed if I skip the highlights of beautiful Bakersfield or lovely Barstow. I'll just say the best view of these two towns can be seen in your rear view mirror. After that first forced camp in a Bakersfield RV park we made it out to what is left of the little town of Amboy on the original Route 66 crossing the Mojave Desert.

There are two extinct cinder cone volcanoes in the area. This is Amboy Crater which is 250 feet high and about 6000 years old. One can hike to the top of it, but I did not. We had places to go and time not to waste. I do find it amazing the ability of plants to grow within a lava field.

New to the area though is a paved parking area with an interpretive site about the area and craters. It was not here two years ago. So this nice to know as it provides a convenient and quiet overnight spot when crossing the Mojave. Plus you are always treated to beautiful desert sunsets.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS views! Lovely!

  2. yeah, I agree with you about what will grow within a lava field. I was amazed at that when visiting Hawaii. it just goes to show that nature knows its own course. these images are lovely. I hope you and Sinbad are rested and feeling chipper. I bet Sinbad is happy to be sleeping in his usual spots. he's the traveling kitty alright, but it always feels good to get home too....

  3. Interesting about the extinct volcanoes. Love that desert sunset!


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