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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For you Sinbad Fans...

It was asked if Sinbad likes to navigate from the passenger seat. Well no, he is not interested in the empty and open to him passenger seat. He prefers this if he wants to be up front.
This usually last for only a few miles then he's off in back somewhere. But he does have the uncanny knack of picking the most opportune times to be in my lap. If we are cruising around a campground real slow looking for a site, he'll want to stand looking out the window much to the delight of campers. I hold onto his tail so he doesn't fall out. That happened one time in the Land Rover long ago when we were putzing along on a desert dirt road.


  1. A very invested co-pilot you've got there! :) Too cute (and a bit dangerous!)

  2. Sinbad is an unusual kitty, enjoying his place in the driver's seat.

  3. Sinbad must have a sense of where you will be stopping for the day or night. He has to be great company for you.

  4. I've been otherwise occupied and haven't been here and oh look what I've been missing!!! I am in love with your orange kitty. look at that guy sitting there like nobody's business. I know precisely what you mean about the looking out the window thing when driving slow. paws on the door, upright, and checking it all out. aren't cats just the greatest thing? especially orange tabbies....
    thanks for the Sinbad feast.


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