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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Is Your Land, Respect It.

   I wasn't going to write about this but then this blog wouldn't reflect all actuality then would it? We spent the last day and a half driving through The Navajo Indian Reservation in the Four Corners region of the southwest. I felt like I was driving through a trash can. The debris and litter across the landscape can only be matched by that of an inner city ghetto or third world country. It was amazing that for the brief 15 miles we were off the reservation in the corner of Colorado the countryside was clean once again. Then back into Utah and the Navajo land, all the empty beer cartons, bottles and plastic bags windblown around sagebrush reappeared once more. I could go on but enough said, for now at least.
   Campgrounds are non-existent in the Indian area and we were forced to overnight in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Farmington,  New Mexico. I must say it was one of the nicest overnights outside of the wilderness yet. Very quiet. The only thing to be heard was the occasional message "Would an available Wal-Mart associate please report to women's wear for customer service" or "Anthony Martinez please come to the front check-out. Your family is waiting for you."
   After a couple failed attempts at Forestry Service campgrounds we had to settle for a small RV park in Monticello, Utah. "The water isn't turned on because of the possibility of freezing so I am only charging $15, no tax" said the young mother down on her hands and knees cleaning up a mess while her two young children watched. That was fine with us. We ended up being the only ones here for the night. Even finer.

Sometimes Sinbad likes to take in the scenery from under his movable home.
I am happy to report that Mr. Dirty Cat is no longer so. His fur is once again smooth and soft. He seems to have got all the rolling around out of his system. No, he doesn't get grease on him from under the vehicle.


  1. I'm just guessing but figure the highway trash pickups don't take place on reservation property? Sadly, I think our area would be just as strewn with trash if it weren't for the county highway trash patrols with their orange vests and trash trucks...

  2. I wondered the same thing as texwisgirl. Are they messier on the reservation, or just don't have as good of a clean up system working??? The truth is that we shouldn't even need a clean up system. Why are some people so careless and disrespectful? Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. I'm going down to the Canyonlands and Arches next month.

  3. Being a South Dakotan, this struck a cord with me. You will experience the same sad situation driving through Res land in Western South Dakota. I agree with you whole heartedly in that this is their land, they should respect it.
    I am glad Sinbad and you are having a good time despite the occasional bad scenery.
    Happy Travels!!

  4. LOOK AT HIM!. I think they feel safe under vehicles; they can just lay there and take it all in, believing they can't be reached under there. it's true too. I've laid on my stomach many times trying to get a cat out from under a vehicle, shimmying up under there, full of dirt myself. it's just what they do. thanks for the Sinbad photo. hope you slept well in the Walmart parking lot....

  5. He's like a little gypsy. I know what you mean about the four corners, it's pretty sad for such a beautiful area.


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