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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More for you Sinbad followers

I think I figured out how I can submit more than one photo now but it is a convoluted process so future posts may be limited to just one picture in order to keep my headaches at a minimum. It may be easier just doing multiple posts instead. I'll see how it goes at the next wi-fi hook-up I get on.

These are the additional shots of Mr. Scrounge I couldn't add before.
This is suppose to be orange fur.

I made the mistake of using my brush on him since I forgot his at home. Yuck! I cleaned my brush in the dishwater when I was done doing dishes that day and he can just go on and live with himself as it suits him.


  1. UGH! I think he may have just dropped a few of his fans from his fan club... :)

  2. lol - He sure enjoys the great outdoors! And people think cats are fussy! :)

  3. I think he loves to be just like that:))
    Have a nice day:)

  4. I'm in love with Sinbad. when they roll in the dust like that it's best to just let them clean themselves. you can't really blame him for wanting to have a great time - you're doing it. thanks for all the Sinbad photos, he's a sweetie. hope you're having the time of your life.

  5. Maybe Sinbad needs to be "booked into a spa"? A bath and pampering on top of your pampering. Think you better stop and buy him his own brush and one for you too.

  6. I think he has got it out of his system now and doesn't roll that much anymore. He feels nice and soft once again. I noticed that today.


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