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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Mexico

We see this every evening. I shall never grow tired of it.

We've been out of contact with everything for a few days in Cave Creek Canyon near Portal Arizona. A really nice place and a favorite among birders for several species out of Mexico will frequent the area. All I saw were DBBs (dirty brown birds).  

For Sinbad's Fan Club
When we get somewhere, the first thing he does is roll in the dirt. He gets so dirty that I have to sweep him clean with a whisk broom. I don't even want to touch him he's so filthy.

We are in New Mexico now near the White Sands National Monument. The closest one can camp to the monument is 15 miles away in Alamogordo. Once again we are forced into an RV park but at least I can get online although it is weak. The above was already to go at the New Mexico visitors center just across the border but once again, the wi-fi was so weak I couldn't upload any photos. Well once again I am having that problem, as I had some close-up shots of the dirty cat but cannot get them to upload. So I have this to work on tonight; trying to reduce the size of photos might help. Anyway, in the morning we go visit the White Sands and Sinbad will have the largest litter box he's ever seen at his disposal.



  1. LOL! LOVE that you're throwing in Sinbad photos for us pet freaks. Kinda applies to your first line: If we see this (photos of Sinbad) every day, we'd never get sick of it.

  2. I've been jones-ing for a post from you. you are now in my favorite state in the union. it is my home away from home. it is where I leave my heart each time I go there. those NM sunsets are out of this world. and if you go there in August? the lightening storms are fantastic! anyway, I digress. I love the photos of Sinbad. you make me laugh. have a great time there and try to find a Starbucks or something so you can get us more photos. just kidding. but not about the photos.

  3. What a beautiful sunset! Sinbad really knows how to get dirty and thoroughly enjoy himself. I like an uninhibited cat.


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