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Friday, March 11, 2011


We left the White Sands of New Mexico aiming south for Texas and Big Bend National Park. Nine hours later and 413 miles behind us we were there. It was a good day.

That wasn't the plan but we were having fun driving through the vast plains of west Texas and honestly, there isn't nothing much there as the above photo shows. Hours and hours of this and I enjoyed every one of those miles. A friend of mine once said if I don't go mad driving through this area he'd make arrangements for me to see a psychiatrist.

Texas is BIG. When I entered at El Paso at the western corner of the state, I saw a highway sign stating 'Dallas - 522 miles'. People in California think driving from San Francisco down to Los Angeles (347 miles) is a long drive, but it is something I take lightly. Yet if I lived in El Paso Texas, I may give going to Dallas a bit more consideration. And I would still have another 150 plus miles to reach the eastern border. I'm sure the Texans think nothing of it.

The really neat thing is were at the same latitude as midway down Baja. The weather is warm and nice. The really so not neat thing is I should have came here to the Big Bend area years ago when I had my Land Rovers for there are miles of dirt roads to explore and back country camping to be had. But I am enjoying being here on these terms and am seeing birds like nowhere else before. Now if they would only cooperate and pose for their photo to be taken!


  1. I've never been to Big Bend, but have had friends that have and they loved it! I do hope you get some great photos to share!

  2. I am a bit jealous about Big Bend! I need to go there sometime. I would be interested in the birds (or any other critters) that you are seeing. Unfortunately, you are too early for COLIMA WARBLER, which should arrive in April from their Colima Mexico wintering grounds. The Big Bend is the only place in the US that they nest. We are off to Death Valley in the morning. Wish us luck.

  3. You guys have been covering some serious ground. And having fun too. When you come back are you going to take the old Route 66--The Mother Road as Kerouac called it? If so you might as well start singing the song now, because it will not leave your mind once you start. Stay safe.

  4. a splendid road photo. you are so putting on the miles. what does Sinbad do while you're driving? is he the navigator, sitting in the passenger seat :) have a great time and be safe.

  5. We lived in east Texas for 10 years and only went out to Big Bend once. It it a long drive across that huge state. Lots to see in Big Bend, though. Hope you're having fun.

  6. We were on Route 66 briefly there at Amboy at the beginning of the trip. I cannot say where or what we will do in the future. When we left home, Big Bend was never on our minds.

    Sinbad rides beside me on the floor, under the table in back, in the closet or in my lap. I took a photo to show but as with the constant problem I am having, I couldn't add additional pictures to today's post. Right now he is in the overhead area, sleeping as usual.


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