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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to California

We had a nice drive yesterday arriving at a small little used State Park (Allensworth SP) we know about only to find it closed. I should have known with the financial crisis this state is in and cutbacks being made to the all the parks and services. Just didn't think about it. I stopped, made a cup of tea and considered what to do...press on. There is really no place else until we reach the deserts near Mojave and that was hours away. In Bakersfield I spotted an RV park looking down from Highway 99 and there we rolled in at 5 PM. Egads, camping in an RV park in Bakersfield! It can only get better. But hey, I have Internet access and can make a post.
It is sprinkling this morning but at least it is warmer. It will be dry and nice driving through the desert today.
Sinbad is right by my side as I write this and patiently waiting to get out and roll in the dirt later today.


  1. Like you said - it can only get better! :) Be safe! Hi Sinbad!

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  3. Nice to hear from you:) Drive safe:)

  4. I've been to Bakersfield!!! It was 110 F that day.

    Once is, I think, enough. ;o)

  5. Yes, Bakersfield is just a place you have to pass by. I remember a time in desert of 120 degrees. I agree with Krista once is enough. Deserts now, are very mild and I hope you see a lot of neat things you can post.

  6. I'm wanting some photos of Sinbad!


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