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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Award

I recently was gifted with a blogger award. The giver of The Versatile Blogger award to me was TexWisGirl at Run-a-Roundranch. I learned of this through an e-mail from her and I sent a reply e-mail thanking her but admitted not knowing what I was thanking her for. What is a blogger award? Gee, maybe there was cash involved. She was kind enough to clue me in to what this distinguished award entails (money was not involved).  I was to make a post displaying the award (see above), write seven things about myself (oh my!) then pass the award on to another deserving blogger whom I follow (a difficult choice).  The easy part of all this for me is to say I am quite honored that TexWisGirl selected me as one of her four choices she made. I mean this woman has over 300 plus followers so I suspect a good deal if not all those, she follows herself. Wow!

So...7 things about myself.

1.  I am an only child. I often hear about problems and incidents involving siblings. I am okay with being an only child.

2. I have been married to the same woman, who I love very much, for 43 years. She probably deserves an award.

3. Two years ago we moved after living in the same house for 36 years. The old neighborhood degraded down to all aspects of a third world country. We relocated to a "retirement community" for those 55 years of age or better. We never ever thought we would live in one of "those" places. But we have never been so happy as we are now to live in this resort-like setting. It is peaceful, quiet and clean. Our home is right alongside a golf course (we don't play) and I have trails in a neighboring State Park less than a mile from the house which I can hike, mountain bike and run to my heart's content. Life is good.

4. I like to run. For my 30th birthday present to myself, I took up running to get into shape. For the next 10 years I ran, and I ran hard in all types of races up to the marathon. Then my knee gave out and I didn't run for the next 20 years (a bad period). I thought I never would be able to run again. Two years ago, when 60 years of age and now close to dirt trails in the park, I tried running again taking it very slowly. I now can run 6 miles, something I never dreamed of being able to do again in my life. I am so grateful I can once again run.

5. I once stayed at a nudist resort after the invite from a couple we know. Once was enough. It wasn't a pretty sight. But I think everyone should try it once. You will come away with a deeper appreciation for clothing.

6. In all of my travels I have never been lost. I have been momentarily confused at times but never lost. Well there was this one time in the deserts of Nevada. I didn't know which direction I was going or where what I was seeking lay. We came upon this building which turned out to be a brothel. I had to go ask for directions much to the amusement of the wife and kids left setting in the Land Rover.

7. On blogs. I have follower envy. I covet other blogger's followers who amount to more than mine. I have trouble with a blog that has music playing. I can't read what they wrote and hear music at the same time, so I move on. To bad too for some look to be interesting blogs but the music pushed me away. I spend way too much time doing a post for my blog. I spend way too much time doing anything involving a computer. It has taken me 5 days to create this post. Thanks TexWesGirl!

And now to pass this award on to another. The definition of versatile is "to do many things well". Well the blogger I chose does his thing (blog) faithfully day after day, with excellent photos and always an interesting commentary sometimes filled with historical information. A Photo A Day - photos by Donald Kinney gets my vote. This guy is up at 4:30 AM everyday and takes off somewhere in the northbay area of San Francisco, comes home and usually has his daily post on his blog before I am up and had my first sip of morning coffee. Every day without fail. Even when his camera was in the shop for repairs. Now that is dedication.


  1. Very impressive, and well deserved honors to you! What attracts me to your blog is your writing. Always interesting to read about your adventures, because you know how to write. Bravo to you...

  2. oh man! if i knew i could get this much info out of you and that many chuckles out of it, i'd have given you an award a long time ago!!! :) thanks for acknowledging the fact that i too spend WAY too much time in front of my computer. yeah, THAT'S why i don't run or hike or bike. yeah. that's it... :)

    you always have beautiful photos to share, an adventurous account of a hiking trail or a camping site or a person or thing you encountered on your way thru life. i enjoy your blog very much. and running 6 miles! now THAT'S a revelation to be proud of!

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely post John, and congratulations with your award. You deserve it, with your interesting and funny posts. I like them a lot:)))
    Wish you a happy week:)
    Greetings from,

  4. Congrats on the award! I enjoyed reading the "7 things" about you.

  5. John, you crack me up, especially number 5. Of course, there are many more readers than followers. I will add myself to your followers list as soon as I figure out how to do it.

  6. Congratulations from me also. You have a wondeful way with words and your blog is always one of the first I check out when ashore.Keep on blogging!

  7. As John said...you probably have more readers than followers...I had you on my bloglines list instead, so I know when you update. But... I added myself to your followers as well, now that I know you have "follower envy" ... upped your number by one at least! Some of us may have more followers...but, not all followers bother to come back..even once. Lots of them just add themselves to your followers..in hopes that you add to theirs ...so they have nice high numbers... to be envied.

    I'm just a recent reader...but, do enjoy your style of writing and love your great photos. Kind of reminds me of myself and my blog I guess.....just down to earth and real, yet fun. It sounds like you are writing me a personal note..or talking to me on the phone... like a friend........I like that.

  8. What a great post! All this time I thought I was following your blog well I am now. I don't want to miss any of your adventures.

  9. oh this is wonderful. I love number 5. and congrats on the award - your blog is deserving of many. from my first visit I've been hooked and the minute I see a new post in my Reader, I'm here. unless I'm out of town. thanks for the laughs. and enough with the follower envy. I visit blogs that have hundreds and hundreds of followers and they cannot hold a candle to yours. it isn't the quantity, but the quality. and that's what you've got. and I know it when I see/read it.


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