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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Campground Birds

I had only faint hopes of seeing, no less photographing a Road Runner while in the southwest. This fellow came along through the camp and was very tolerant of having me hovering around clicking away. Obviously he is use to people.
I then went back into my quest of getting a decent shot of the Vermilion Flycatcher.
I don't know who this is unless it is his girl friend.
And this little fellow was in the pond along the Nature Trail.
Finally there was the Common Black Hawk which is very uncommon to this area. The park service had roped off a large area in the meadow as this pair were attempting to set up housekeeping.
Above and below is the male...
...and this the female...I think. It may be the other way around.
The shots I took was in an extremely dark area, completely shaded with no sun whatsoever on pitch black birds. I was amazed at what the combination of two different photo programs were able to do to bring these images somewhat to life.


  1. That's a sweet little pied-billed grebe in the water. :) And I'm wondering if that long-tailed, orangeish bird is a chat?

    Your vermillion and road runner captures are superb!!! and a black hawk? neat!

  2. I just love watching Roadrunners, except when they are running around with a snake in their beak. Not that I am a big fan of snakes.
    Great shots.

  3. your bird shots are amazing. I don't get real pleasing results such as yours. but I don't have such interesting subjects either. a roadrunner - that's awesome. I love the one with the flycatcher fanning it's tail. the grebe shot is my favorite. it's perfection.

  4. I love roadrunners. Sometimes we get them up at Panoche. There used to be one that would see his reflection in the window as another roadrunner. He would pick up pebbles from a nearby pot in his beak and throw them at it. I would find more than a dozen little pebbles scattered around.

    We also saw one trying to get at a mouse that had crawled into an empty beer bottle (Why was that there, I wonder?) during one night in Baja.

  5. Thanks for showing the Road Runner shots! ;-)
    These birds are so interesting, we don't have them around here.

  6. I'd never heard of the Vermilion Flycatcher before. Now I want to see one in the wild. So beautiful.

  7. cute shots of the Roadrunner - but where's the Coyote?!
    The vermillion flycatcher is a beautiful bird. Nice shots!

  8. Great pictures John:)
    Have a nice week.
    Greetings from,

  9. Finding a road runner to stand still for a photo! Unheard of in my world. What a great find! That fly catcher is pretty darn vibrant too!

  10. Nice captures of the birds. The markings on the Road Runner are stunning, and you've gotten them to really pop. But the little Vermilion Flycatcher takes the prize, he's just gorgeous.


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