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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life after Billy the Kid

We continued on our way making a brief stop in Santa Rosa, New Mexico to pick up a new notebook. It was a quiet little town compared to our own hometown of Santa Rosa, California.

Can you imagine playing tennis on this court? The Santa Rosa Tennis Club needs your donations.

These entertaining signs really help to break up the monotony of miles.
Then they started coming fast and furious and I gave up trying to catch them individually.

I stopped for lunch in what appeared to be the town of Milagro on my map. Where the town was I do not know. I didn't see anything but the Shell gas station on my side of the highway and an abandoned station on the other. As I ate my sandwich I noticed this guitar case leaning against the station wall. The case was empty and it appeared it had been run over by a car. My guess was some cowboy had it in the bed of his pickup and ...whoops, it blew out. Hopefully the hard case protected the cowboy's guitar.


  1. 'the day the music died' on that last shot.

    LOVE the plea for tennis court donations! ha ha!

  2. Santa Rosa really needs tennis court work.
    The flying C ranch REALLY wanted your business!

  3. Your black and white image, very nice! There's a story there. That tennis court is a little rough. Makes for an interesting photo, and some nice textures, but your'e right, not so good for a game of tennis anymore.

  4. Something tells me the Santa Rosa Tennis Club does not have many members. Nice shots.


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