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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Messing Around Before Panic Time

With thoughts of freezing water pipes at night, I doubled up my sleeping bags and slept warm. The morning was cold but with the heater running and the strongest wi-fi signal I had yet for the trip, I was in no hurry to move on. Arches National Monument was only 53 miles away, an hours drive, so I relaxed messing around online, sending e-mails back and forth with my wife, catching up on the news in the world and a few of my favorite blogs including updating my own. I then checked the weather for the area. "Showers, possible light snow, and wind on through to Tuesday." This is not what I got on the road for weeks ago. "What am I doing here? What was I thinking? Why didn't I stay in Texas?!" I figured perhaps I'll just hunker down in Arches till this weather system passed. But wait! It is Sunday. What if the campground is full and I cannot get in! I then saw that it was 10 o'clock and I was nowhere ready to pull out. Panic now reared its ugly head. I got moving, fast.

I tried to enjoy the scenery through the windshield, not stopping for points of interest along the way.

I'll not go into all the nervousness, concern, thoughts of dread that were going through my head during the following two hours, nor the anguish over what to do now when I can't get in to the campground. I'll just say that we got the second to last campsite that was available. And little did I know, this was the just beginning.

It is nice being me, unaware of all the drama going on. If only the wind wouldn't blow sand in my face.


  1. Sinbad can just relax and go along for the ride. No maps, weather forecasts, parking sites to worry about. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog I love your cat I too have a ginger tomcat they are such characters. Love your blog and have added you to follow. You have some great images and I loved the etchings really interesting. The tilt shift photoshop tutorial I will probably post sometime tomorrow as it takes a while to sort out, I look forward to you visiting soon best wishes Kev.

  3. another ooh la la photo in that first one. wow. look at that scenery, too bad you could have been a bit more relaxed while passing through this country because it's gorgeous. I recall this as being the windy area that Sinbad didn't take a shine to. he's adorable. what a buddy.


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