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Friday, May 6, 2011

On the Long Long Road

(Viewer advisory - some TTWP* ahead)

Soon after Contrabrando we came upon this rest stop. The Texas Highways Division has great imagination.

We must still be in Texas.

We turned north at Presidio (nothing there to write home about) heading for that evening in Marfa.

The next day we were on the same highway we came down on a week earlier. I could now be prepared to stop at some spots I noticed coming in. Why didn't I stop then you ask? Well by the time I see it, it registers in my mind, I process the information, then debate on whether to stop or not, I'm a quarter mile past it and then need another 100 yards to slow down the Little House on the Highway, all the while looking for a place to turn around, then by this point I've given up and am upset with myself for the next several miles for being so slow on making a decision and missing a photo opportunity. Grrrr.

This little abandoned cafe was in Valentine Texas, population 217 and named after a man, not the holiday. I saw no one around. Barely any signs of life. About as isolated and remote as a town could be on a major highway.

I love the name and the style of writing

Then a couple miles outside of Valentine, with nothing else in sight was this.

Believe me, I doubt anyone who stopped for this did not have to back up to see it.
That is what the two guys in a car had done when I passed it the first time the week before.

It was just a conceptual art piece and nothing more.
Pretty cool I thought plus it broke up the boredom from of all those empty miles.

In fact you can see how bored my co-pilot was.

*Through The Windshield Photography


  1. LOVE the surprise Prada place! ha ha! such great imagination!

  2. The car with horns is really fun(ny)!!!
    If I saw "Prada" in the road I'd think it was a mirage!
    I hope you and Sinbad have a very good weekend. ;-)

  3. Our friend Chuck took almost the same photos of that Prada shop as you did. Great minds...I guess. He had some of himself in the close up one.

  4. awww, I get my Sinbad fix this morning. he's so adorable sitting there in the driver's seat. on the driver's lap! you really did see the sights on this trip. my fave in this series is the long long road ahead, with the shadows crossing it. I did a double take on the Prada storefront. it makes a statement alright. another favorite (besides Sinbad photos of course, that goes w/o saying) is the reflection in the Prada store window. your latest greatest adventure is giving me a case of wanderlust. I'm really wanting a cup o' Jane from the HiWay Cafe. great shots John.

  5. Yes, I missed an opportunity to shoot a self-portrait in the reflection of the store front window. I like pictures like that when the photographer is caught taking the picture. I wasn't thinking. I was more concerned trying get the least reflection so the shoes and purses could be seen. Now I see anfter viewing this shot, I could have done more with the reflection.

  6. Love joining in your travels. That long road reminds me of our trips from West Texas to Alabama. Miles and miles of nothing. Have fun.

  7. Gotta love that longhorn limo!

  8. This art piece is phantastic and surreal! A wonderful break of the long long and boring highway....... But with a friend like Sinbad it is a pleasure to travell, isn`t it?!
    Wishing you a lot of fun and interesting photo scenes - Luzia.

  9. That's hilarious. Driving down the highway...miles from anything and all of a sudden.... PRADA...hahhaha..... definitely worth backing up or turning around for!
    But.... I'm pretty surprised it is still in one piece or not covered in graffiti.... ..... wonder how long it will last? .....


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