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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Revelations 2 and Double Arch

There are a lot of arches to see and admire in the monument and I was most impressed with Double Arch. The only word that came to mind for me was "massive". To see this arch combination up close, standing beneath them, was overwhelming. You can see the little ant-like people under it.

I climbed around beneath the arches like everyone else was, then sat down taking in the scene trying to imagine the forces and time involved to create such a wonder. When it came time to come down from my perch, a sloping sandstone ledge I had just clambered up, the confusion (or terror) must have been evident on my face. "How do I get down from here without falling and making a spectacle of myself in front of all these people?" Two ladies around my age stood at the base and one extended her hand. "Do you need a hand?" "Oh no, I'm fine" and I committed to a butt slide down. I quickly walked back to the parking lot thinking "Has it now come to this?"

The next day I was at another arch, much smaller, and decided to join these two women sitting beneath it just to see what was down the other side. I stood there looking at the sandstone slope, the boulder off the side and just could not figure out how I could manage getting up. The woman jumping down offered me her hand saying "Here, let me help you" and pulled the old man up. I couldn't really enjoy the moment for all I could do was sit there and think about these new limitations in myself that I am now having to accept.
This was my second Revelation.

This is called...are you ready...Balancing Rock. It is the size of three school buses. The little nub to the right had another much smaller balanced rock about half as tall. It fell in 1975. I would like to be there when this big one goes. At a safe distance away of course.

Boring grey skies in the above photo, but here was a much better day for cloud pictures.


  1. no need to fear getting old. but you do need to accept it with grace. damn it!

    you're still incredibly active and a go-getter so you have nothing to worry about, i'd say. :)

  2. I feel your pain ..... and for myself may I add how ticked I am with getting older.... and forget accepting it with grace as texgirl says.....not me. I don't have any.
    But... this week I do have cracked ribs or something equally painful...just from reaching into a deep woodbox to get a chunk of wood. I leaned against the side and proingg!! got a jolt of searing pain for my efforts to help stoke the fire we were sitting around. It's already been a week and a half...no improvement...and lots of crankiness..... the very short summer is bypassing me and no golfing is happening.....I am not happy. And I sure as hell am not full of grace about it. If this happens in my early old age...what the hell happens later? .... not fun to look forward to.... not looking forward to that at all.

    Good for you getting out there and still doing al lyou can....but, be careful.... and..if you have to accept a hand... please, do that ...even if just to be safe. Don't fall and break anything!!! Because .. in the modern vernacular of the young ....it sucks.

  3. That balanced rock will sound like an explosion when it falls. Sliding down sandstone on one's butt is nothing I'd be ashamed of ... mainly because I've already done it lots of times!

  4. This place is so impressive!
    You took great shots. ;-)

  5. wow, I love that black and white photo of the arch. showing the veins in the rock. this place would awe and at the same time scare me. your photos are fantastic.

  6. Yes, you are right. When I grumble about my new-found limitations people always say "At least you are out here?" Especially my ever suffering wife who is always reminding me of that fact when I whine about not being able to do what I used to. My mind is 20 plus years behind my body. It is a constant struggle of acceptance for me.


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