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Monday, May 30, 2011

Time To Move On

I learned weather systems were heading our way and a decision had to be made, where to go? All of northern Nevada looked to be nasty. Snowstorms were to hit Donner Pass in the High Sierra. South was the only escape and Death Valley was the most likely stop with guaranteed nice warm weather. With a few parting shots of Arches National Monument, we were on our way.

We made it as far as Cedar City Utah for the first night,

where we got snowed on in the wee hours of the following morning.

Sinbad settled in for the long second day push to Death Valley National Park.

Late that afternoon with the sun setting on the town of Beatty Nevada behind us, we crossed through Daylight Pass between the Grapevine and Funeral mountain ranges.
Death Valley lay before us with the snow topped Panamint Range in the distance.
It is below sea level just beyond the lighter colored area and over 11,000 feet high at the top of those mountains. Pretty amazing I think.


  1. that snow photo was a welcome sight today! hot and humid here. the way the light is coming up is just lovely! and those cool canyon photos... whew!

  2. I was just amazed my the first few shots and then I came across this last one and I was just blown away. While there are moments that I am glad that SW screwed up like dragging back all that I bought. I do wish I had more time to spend with friends. Arches is one place that I really would love to visit. Maybe in July, I have a long vacation coming up.

  3. That's a huge difference in altitude, all in one photo. Impressive!

  4. Cool shots, specially the ones with Sinbad! He is so cute!
    Your last shot is pretty amazing too. ;-)

  5. The snow is so incrediable! Like a light dusting of sugar. If I had to live in the snow this is how I would want it, just light, and to melt soon. I am catching up on blogs, and see that you have sure coverered some ground. Check weather in Death Valley today! I think that was what you were looking for, warmer grounds.

  6. Great images again really like the road and the ones of Sinbad. Thanks for your comments on my post, it's nice that people have an interest in my photoshop posts even if they do not have it themselves it makes all the effort worthwhile. Best Wishes Kev

  7. I love the snowed-on photo with that faint rosy lighting in the background. and the historic building. the last photo is amazing with all those layers.
    thanks for giving me my Sinbad fix today. he's the second most adorable kitty I know. :)


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