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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Freshwater Turtles

These are the big boys, not the little turtles we picked out of a pet store when we were kids.

In doing research trying to identify this species of turtle I learned all types of things like there are 280 species of freshwater turtles worldwide and a third of them face extinction mostly due to loss of habitat. Well that's not good.
I never did find out what kind they are. They might belong to the family of painted turtles. Whatever they are, turtles are neat. It sure would be a shame to lose even one species.
Turtles generally live in the water and have webbed feet. Tortoises on the other hand is a kind of turtle but lives on land, usually in arid regions and they store water within their bodies. Their feet are short or stubby and used for walking and digging burrows. I have only seen tortoises a couple of times in the desert and they too are an endangered species.


  1. i would say that one was a red-eared slider. that's what we have in our pond here. :)

    i just played two separate rounds of "the turtle game" with baron, our black lab. he loves to catch the turtles, i take them away, throw them back into the pond, then he tries to retrieve them. 2 separate turtles in about 8 minutes... i'm wearing 'eau de pondette' right now thanks to a shaking-off dog...

  2. I believe non native to this particular region?
    GREAT clarity and detail, with stunning color.
    Did you add a light feature?
    Looking good...

  3. That water doesn't look all that fresh to me, but I did enjoy your little lesson on turtles and tortoises. Nice shots too.

  4. It looks so big!! Great pictures and post John:)
    Greetings from,

  5. I didn't know the difference between turtles and tortoises and now I do. that first photo is really cool. Too often I see them on roads, smashed to smithereens, but I've made the occasional rescue too. have a great day John.

  6. Looks like it was a lazy day of swimming and sun bathing.

  7. They're so cool looking. I don't know what kind either. A turtle is a turtle is a turtle as far as I know. I love the markings on their face and neck. Quite striking.

  8. These do look like the sliders I kept as a kid.
    I agree, turtles are cool. Nice photos!

  9. They are looking if they are realy relaxed;-) Hugs from Luzia.


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