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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Away

My wife is having a couple of her girl friends come up from the Bay Area and stay for the weekend. She really didn't say "Go away", but she did ask if I would be interested in camping for the weekend. Three women drinking wine, talking girl talk, eating, yakking, getting silly, gabbing, carrying on having a pajama party like little girls, laughing and giggling on and on, with a lot of talking in between, I told her it would be my pleasure to go camping. Really it would. So Sinbad and I will be off to our favorite place, the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. Sinbad likes this place for he is free to roam. No leash, harness or long length of cord. Believe me, he doesn't like to venture very far away from me or the Little House on the Highway. There is nothing there that he can get into or that would harm him. Nothing at all.  So don't worry about the little orange cat.
Most of the time he is sleeping or sitting in the doorway.

Even if I try to get him to pose he insists on walking in close to me before I can get a shot off.
"Stay Sinbad, stay. Geeze Louise."

And occasionally there is that wind problem which he wants no part of, so back inside he goes.

We'll be looking forward to the peace and quiet with no jibber-jabber
and those beautiful sunsets on the playa.
I will be back to blogging on Tuesday.
Have a nice weekend.
We will.


  1. I hope you guys have a wonderful (boys) weekend! ;-)

  2. Looks like a good place to spend the weekend with quiet and solitude. Nice that it's a place that Sinbad can roam... if he should so choose!

  3. Hey, I know what you mean about Sinbad (((or Kitty in my case))) coming towards us as we try to snap their photo... They can always mess up the shot somehow (((I think they do it on purpose just to make our lives difficult)))

  4. oh, looks like a great weekend of 'guy time' for you two!!!

  5. be forewarned: one must never belittle the jabber of a group of women. on the loose again huh? oh admit it - you couldn't wait to hit the road again. Sinbad is the second most beautiful kitty EVAH. I have a new favorite "Sinbad and the Wind" photo. I hope you have the time of your life. you too John.

  6. Lucy you and Sinbad having this wonderful trip:)
    ...and far away from girls talk:)))
    Have a great weekend:)

  7. Have a great time with those sunrises and sunsets.
    Women do jibber jab, but I think this is part of their job.
    The communicators that discuss all issures around the block and back.
    Sinbad may like the idea of being on the road, and lets face it. You do too!

  8. Sinbad on the road again..... I love his red hair shining in the desert sun:-) Great pics with the desert mountains in the backround! I wish you both having funny times and a wonderful trip. Hugs from Luzia.

  9. I love that first pic! Good thing you pointed out Sinbad. Nice series of photos of Sinbad, he looks so dignified, well until the wind picks up. :) Have a good weekend!

    Funny, the word verification was "purreven" Somehow that seems appropriate!

  10. Now that looks like the perfect spot for some peace and quiet!

  11. Sinbad looks like a wonderful traveling companion! That sunset is lovely!

  12. I love this post! I have a 15 yr old orange cat named Simba but my father in-law calls him Sinbad. I just wish Simba wasn't afraid of being in motor vehicles. :)


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