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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Knowing Fathers Day was coming I scoured through my photo gallery in search of a suitable image for a post for this day. Nothing. I gave up thinking I'd skip the idea. Later I was sitting outside in the Adirondack chair, watching the golfers and enjoying the peace and quiet in the warm sun. Then I had an idea. The above shot is the result. In the process of shooting this, in between sets of golfers of course, I am lying down on the grass of the 14th tee off to the side of our deck. I hear this voice - "Are you okay?" Its my neighbor. I suppose I presented an unsettling view to him as he was sitting in his lazyboy recliner looking out the window.

Happy Fathers Day everyone and always be on the watch for goof-ball photographers.
They present great photo opportunities.

And no I do not play golf. Why would I want to take up a pastime that instills so much anger, swearing and frustration? But boy, they sure do provide us with never-ending entertainment.


  1. ha ha! "Are you okay?" LOVE IT!!!

  2. Good idea for a Father's day post. I staged my Sunset Sunday ahead and forgot to wish everybody Happy Fathers' day, old age brain cramp I guess. Anyway happy fathers' day to you.

  3. That is too funny. Excellent shot for the day!

  4. Funny! It's amazing what a photographer will do for a great shot. This one is perfect.

  5. this reminds me of Twain's view of it - "golf is the ruin of a good walk". when I saw the photo my jaw dropped and I said to myself "no way is he a golfer". whew, you had me going there. it's a good shot though.

  6. Catching up on blogs.
    Now I see that truly no you are not a golfer.
    At first I felt the same as Ms Becky!
    This guy can't be a golfer!
    Nice to know your neighbor is "watching you".
    Fun post, and hope you had a great father's day.


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