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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Primitive Plant

The caretaker's shed at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park.
This would be a really cool job, or so it seemed at the time. There is a lot to take care of in the 55 acre garden which contains over 50,000 individual plants of the more than 8,000 represented species from around the world. Much of the help depends on volunteers and it appeared most of the work needed to be done was weeding. Now who enjoys that? Well there are those who do.

I really thought this would be a neat shot. It was a rather dark and shady location but I was pleased with how it looked on my little screen on the back of the camera. Later, I now see it would really have been a great photo if the little name plates were in focus and you could read them. So what did the auto focus zero in on? I have no idea. It is probably camera shake. I should have had a tripod and cranked the aperture way down for greater depth of field and let the camera do it's thing at a slow shutter speed in the dark conditions.


  1. i'd imagine that even a job that starts out as a passion could become just a job after a while. :)

  2. I often set my auto focus to a single point so that I know just what I'm focused on.
    I like the shot but see your point, you'll just have to go back and for a "do over" ;)

  3. I like it the way it is. but I agree with Martha Z - I for the most part keep my focus set at single point. and I've been taking it off auto-focus a lot lately too. just because AF has been giving me too much grief. there's a time and place for it though. I like that it's possible to read The Garden of Fragrance sign.

  4. Well ladies, I do have it set on a single point so this is why I thought it was more of camera movement at a slow shutter speed. I sometimes use manual focus but don't trust my eyesight as much as I do the camera's. Thank you for your input.

  5. I really like the deep green color.

  6. Auto focus can be really unpredictable, I find.
    I really don't like weeding, so I'd opt for another job, like maybe labeling the signs...

  7. Think you were narrowing in on "Primitive Plant" it seems to stand right out. You have such a great eye when it comes to contrast.


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