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Monday, June 27, 2011

Race Day

Well, I had the day right this time.

Here is the lead pack...
and the first woman.
There were young riders...
and the not so young.
Some had beards...
and extra body hardware.
Some were very serious...
some gritted their teeth...
gasped for air...
and others having way too much fun.
(you did notice those having all the fun were women?)
Some rode with their friends and dressed alike..
as did this father and son duo...
or alone and dressed a bit different.
And maybe you just came directly from work at CalTrans (Calif. Dept of Highways).
And don't let a little thing like a broken arm stop you.

But the most amazing person, well let me says persons, I saw came by just after I put my camera away unfortunately. It was a woman leading a blind man. She was non-stop constantly calling out directions to him, a bit left, right, rock left, uphill and he would repeat back acknowledging her. I am sure their was more to the communication than what I just wrote for I only heard a little bit as they rode by. I was blown away by this. Her rapid-fire telling him everything had to be exhausting in itself. I know blind people have taken part in triathlons with a guide person leading them by a tether for the swim, doing the run side by side touching elbows and riding the bike on the road is smooth and obstacle free. But riding a bike on a rough rocky trail with all kinds of countless hazards is beyond my comprehension. The courage this man had to ride a mountain bike for 14 miles over the roughest terrain imaginable, not to mention the faith he had in his partner, will be something I will never forget.

After that couple there were no more riders. Nearly 700 mountain bikers passed by this little flower and it survived because it chose to live in front of the big rock. I got on my bike and rode home, wishing I had entered the race and being careful not to crash with my nice DSLR camera in my bag.
Yes, I have crashed in the past and I can see where I am going.

Incidentally, all the funds generated from race fees for this event will be used to help keep Annadel Park open when the State Park closure goes into effect this September.


  1. remarkable - the cooperation and trust between those 2...

    i DID notice all the happy folks were women. :) or maybe they were just smiling at the cute guy taking their picture! ha!

    LOVE all those strong legs. whew! the sinews in some of those photos show some serious training.

  2. I wish I were so athletic as they are!
    Cool and fun shots. ;-)

  3. The racers thought you were a photographer that would put their photo on the front page possibly? Those women are sure smiliing for you. How did you get them to do that during a hard core race?! The blind man, way to go. People like that are an inspiration. Love all your photos. You must of been really squeezing them out fast. Very exceptional post. Keep them coming.

  4. that sure was a lot of bikers. it looked GRUELING. I admire those who would venture to do such a thing. nice photos John. you must have been snapping away the whole time, but it looks like a fun way to spend the day.

  5. #1: My son in Seattle races
    #2: I love Land Rovers
    #3: My 40 year old son wants us to buy back the remains of our beloved Rover from Mr. S’r widow and son
    #4: Thanks for understanding my attachment and love for these vehicles
    #5: Thanks for coming on board at my blog

    This post is awesome. I love the way you shot all of the “different” categories though they are different from the usual one. I have never seen Ridge race, but these shots gave a bit more insight into what these folk look like as they are peddling by. Love the post.

  6. Some great photos....

    and..wow.... riding over that terrain blind..... sure does give you pause for reflection doesn't it? .... good for that guy... and how amazing he has a partner like his lady friend....

    it did look a bit gruelling.... hey...and that older dude still has pretty darn great looking legs and arms.....

  7. Great shots of the race action!


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