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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Under Flower

This shot was inspired by a post on another blog I follow. Click here to see what inspired me. I don't think I pulled it off quite as well a she did so what does one do in that case? Go do some more under flower shots.
Now to find some flowers that I can crawl underneath of, lying on the ground with all the bugs, ants, turkey poop, poison oak, rattlesnakes...
See, this flower was in a pot of flowers my wife has on our deck - safe and sane shooting conditions.


  1. well, i thought maybe you had learned from your golf tee shot that folks will worry about you if they see you on the ground... :)

    i like the shot though!

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  3. Nice photo in the pot here.
    I share your pain with flower photographs.
    Admire those who can pull it off, as you did.
    Poppies are the hardest, because they are flopping around in the wind.

  4. you crack me up. if I need a good chuckle I know I can find it here. this is absotively a fantastic shot John. I like it much better than my own attempt, mainly for the color and the type of flower. I do like irises but poppies more. and this one is two-tone. never seen that. my favorite thing about this shot isn't the perspective though, it's that spot of light on the lower stem. this one is wall-worthy. do go crawling around again for these types of shots. what's a little turkey poop and poison oak?

  5. It's a good shot with nice detail. I'm not sure I'd get on the ground unless I could see exactly what I was lying on!

  6. Stunning view and great color too!

  7. Turkey poop...really?
    Nice shot John. It would be nice if this provided shade on your desert trips. Loved your sunset photo of the travel home.


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