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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Boomer 4th of July Picnic

There is a newly formed group in the "Active Adult Community" (for those aged 55 years old or better) that we live in. We, the Baby Boomer generation, are invading this community and soon found a need to create this group mainly so we can find each other, connect and make new friends of our own age group among the several thousand retired folk who live here. Yesterday we held our first outdoor picnic gathering.

Food was not in a short supply.

These are not just your ordinary hamburgers, but from high quality Angus beef. Veggi burgers were to be had too for our left-over from the hippie days boomers.

The hot dogs too were top of the line - Schwartz and Caspers, two I was not familiar with before but I sure am now!

We had a keg of beer but many of us wisely brought our own and I started an art project on one of the   bar-b-que grills.

All of this for only $5. They had to stop the ticket sales at 65 (space consideration at the picnic area) even though we have 130 boomers listed in the group. Nevertheless there were a few boomers who procrastinated and didn't their $5 in on time and stopped by. They didn't get turned away.

Probably one of the better stories of the day was I notice two ladies early in the day passing through the picnic area to access the trail leading into Annadel Park. They were on their way for a hike. Later in the afternoon I saw them by the food table enjoying a hamburger and beer. I though that was nice that someone told them to help themselves after their hike. Well it turned out that one of them lived here, was a baby boomer herself but was unaware of the Boomer Group. She is now, and is a new member.


  1. WOW look at all that FOOD!!! looks like a very good event to continue!

  2. Hell I'd pay $10 for all of this food. Great picnic! Made me hungry. Off to lunch!

  3. hah!!! I LOVE this post John. I'm about to hit the hay, trying to catch up and get the house in order here and this was intended to be my last stop of the day. saving the best for last. that's a spread of food alright, surrounded by a bunch of chow-hounds. so everyone took a dish to pass? that's what we call it here in Wisconsin, and someone from out of state once told me that they'd only heard that expression here. (?) is that what Californians call it? this looks like it would have been a really fun time. so what did you all do besides eat and drink? listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, The Who, Beatles, Dylan, and Jethro Tull tunes? hope so. I like your art project. how tall did it get before it crashed? sorry for all the questions, but your cool photos beg them! I bet you're the AAC official photographer after this.

  4. Хорошие фотографии! Я бы тоже с удовольствием к вам присоединилась!

  5. I've double checked all my email and snail mail and checked with my wife and we didn't get the notice. Looks like you had fun without us though.

  6. What a great party you must have had, and I really like burgers:))
    I had to show my boyfriend your pictures here, and he became real hungry and talking about having a bb soon:))
    Have a great day my friend:))

  7. I love your style of writing and photo taking. That food was out of this world. Sounds like you had a nice time on the 4th.

    Sorry we missed you when we came to visit but do understand that you would have been outnumbered by 3 to one ratio.

    Next time I am in town and I plan to come visit my friend and his boys soon, perhaps you will be in town and we can meet again too.


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