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Monday, July 25, 2011

Landmark Vineyards Finale

Each type of grapevine is named as to it's variety and categorized as to where it is in the vineyard.

Also each row is given a name.

Notice the cluster of grape that within two months will be processed into wine.

Anyone for bocce ball? Oh, you don't know how to play the game?
The instructions were provided in the display on the table.
The reflection of Sugarloaf Ridge where I had intended to go to that day.

I almost overlooked these water lily blossoms tucked away in the corner of the pond.


And the only piece of art I saw in the gardens.

But really, the gardens was a work of art all of it's own.
Thank you for touring Landmark Winery Gardens with me.
Have a great week and don't forget your camera.



  1. beautiful water gardens. and big chicken too. :)

  2. Stunning photos dear I.
    Did you get any free samples of the produce?

  3. Wonderful tour. I love the shot of the waterlilies and the table and chairs by the bocce ball court. Nice place to visit and hang out.

  4. I love the rows of grapevines. and the reflection shot of Sugarloaf Ridge. I like the chicken art - boy does that grass look dry. they must water those gardens a whole lot. I'm wondering if they irrigate the vines in the dry season? thanks for the tour. I really like the photo of the bocce ball court too. have a great day John.

  5. Love vineyards and love even more what they produce!

  6. Nice looking place. Your black and whites are excellent! That reflection shot is pretty cool.

  7. Wait, wait wait, What about the free sample??? Don't you get a free sample when you tour the winery??? Well it's okay, I'm a teetotaler but I was thinking about the other folks.
    Nice shots.

  8. "Fountain head." Hardee Har Har. I like it!
    And I LOVE bocce ball.

  9. What a great group of shots! I really like the chicken.

  10. The garden is a an art work on its own indeed. I've been to only to one vineyard in my life but always wanted to see more. Maybe one day! Great pictures.


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