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Friday, July 22, 2011

So Many Flowers, and I Have the Time

I have to admit, I never thought I would be so fascinated with the beauty and form of individual flowers as I am these days. I guess it comes with age so that's one good thing about growing older. Or maybe it is just now at this point in my life I have the time to really enjoy them in the fullest.

These next two look like they have a source of light deep down inside illuminating the center.

This flower I really liked with it's colors and design.

With the words of the gardener echoing in my head,
now I think all the yellow flowers don't look so hot in the full-on sunlight.

I had one more individual flower to present but it looks so stunning (not the photo but the flower itself) just straight out of the camera that I decided to save it for SOOC Sunday. So, you'll have to wait a couple more days for it.
I'll add this photo instead which now I think I could have used for Macro Monday.

Still more to come from the Landmark Winery Gardens.



  1. i like your description of the 'inner light' of those blooms. really fitting. beautiful.

  2. I'd love to smell their scent!
    Have a good weeekend. ;-)

  3. Isn't it nice to have the time to stop and smell the flowers, and photograph them too? Nice job on these. I think my favorite is the white and purple ones.

  4. White rose is lovely.
    Nothing better for me that the rose,
    OR the Sunflower of course!

  5. the first one is glowing-like. I love the white one. at one time I had a moonlight garden - only plants with white flowers and it glowed in the full moon light. yes, there are reasons why some serious, fanatical, addicted flower gardeners won't have a thing to do with yellow flowers - I know several of them too. these are some excellent shots - the roses are queens of the garden; the gardener there does a fantastic job. looking forward to seeing the rest. have a fun weekend John. what's Sinbad got on his schedule? such a bud.

  6. I also find it nice having the time to look at the world closer these days. Great photos and love the purple one!

  7. The photos are great, really showing off the beauty of the blooms.

  8. These are just amazing. They each have such wonderful color.

  9. Well you are just literally taking the time to stop and smell the flowers, that's an accomplishment that many never do! Nice job on these beauties.

  10. The closer you get, the more fascinating the flower.


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