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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suicidal Lizards

With all this warm  (HOT) weather we've been having, the lizards are in their glory. Up in Annadel Park where I go to play several days each week, these little guys are always under foot along the trails. You really have to watch your step at times for they will change their mind three quarters the way across the trail and go back from where they came. This is not too bad if hiking, but when running along the trail they can prove to be a challenge to avoid. Anyone watching me from afar, would think I was doing ballet moves. Worse of all though is when I am riding my mountain bike. It all happens so fast. Fortunately I have yet to run over one although I have seen many causalities. If I ever hit one, it would ruin my day. Well, his too I suppose.

On photographing lizards: When you first see one, don't make any sudden movements and grab a picture (see top photo). Then you slowly move in and take a second picture (see above photo). Next you ever so slowly move even closer (see photo below).

Then you really push your luck and move in even a little closer still and...dang, he ran off. That is why there is no photo below.
And that is how you photograph lizards.


  1. thanks for the lesson! i'll remember that next time a gecko or skink appears here!

    i'm laughing at the imagine of you dodging lizards as you run. or would that be 'leaping lizards'?!


  2. Not many of those here. They almost disappear in the grey rocks, si it can't be easy to see them:)
    Have a nice day John:)
    Greetings to Sinbad also:)

  3. so what kind of lizard is he? he surely does blend in well with that rock. I don't run across any creature even remotely like him here in the great Midwest. I like him.

  4. Nothing like a day in the warm sun.

  5. Хорошие фотографии! Жаль, что они убежали.

  6. They're camouflaged perfectly.
    You managed to get some good shots. I've tried to get photos of the ones around here, and it's not easy. They're rarely still.

  7. Camouflaged is right! Gee so easy to step on one. What lense were you using to get these photos?

  8. These are fantastic! I guess it is much like photographing bears... except you don't want to get too close to them! ;o)

    I get sad to see casualties on roads and trails too. We don't have lizards or snakes but the porcupines, bears, moose, deer and even bison fall casualty to motor vehicle accidents all too often. sad!

  9. Stepping on the lizards is likely no worse than after a rain every frog and toad seems to get on the roads and have lots of casualties.


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