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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where There's Flowers There's Bugs

Bees of several types were busy doing what bees do.

The Blue Damselfly was very cooperative but the Red Skimmer dragonflies were not.

Damselflies fold their wings along their body whereas dragonflies will have their wings out to the side.

See the red blur in the middle off to the right...Red Skimmer dragonfly.

Readying the next generation.

Rose petals in your bath water. This girl lives the good life.
I am not done yet.


  1. you know, john, i've heard that yellow flowers look much better if you photograph them on an overcast day...

    ha ha! just giving you a hard time!

  2. Beautiful photos again!

  3. Wow that is some lens you have there. Great shots.

  4. Damselfies are sure vibrant blue. Wish I could find one staying in place for more than a second or two. Texwisgirl may have a point in yellow flowers. I never tried for overcast photo day on them. Great posting...and always a fun read.

  5. damn, I'm two posts behind here. how did that happen? can't believe I almost missed this. the photo of the missed Red Skimmer dragonfly is my fave. love all the different shades of blue in that. the macros are fine fine fine - third one especially. and the dragonflies. but are you having any fun?

  6. I've been scrolling through your photos & enjoying all the images, including your sidebar shots, and I have a question... How do you take such beautiful shots & keep track of Sinbad on loose? =)
    Great captures! =)

  7. I've missed a few cracking pictures in the last couple of weeks it seems. I rather loved the curlew in the blue water but these bug pictures are just great.


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