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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catalytic Popcorn

I was driving along last week, having a grand old time when an engine warning light lit up on the dash. Great! I dropped by my local mechanic (the cars these days prevent me from doing any work on my own vehicles anymore other than changing oil and putting air in the tires) and he reset the light. He said sometimes these things come on on their own accord but if it does come on again, I'd be looking at having the catalytic converter replaced. Wonderful. All was well and good for a week and bingo, the light came on again. So it was off to a muffler shop. What an irritation. I have better things to do. I wandered around while they worked on it. Normally I avoid waiting rooms but this one was empty so I stepped inside. And what did I see?

Free Popcorn!

Hey, this is alright.

Job done and I was out of there in less than 30 minutes with my $358 bag of popcorn. It was a good day.
Sorry, but I didn't take a picture of the inside of the popcorn machine. I ate the last of the popcorn except for the unpopped and burnt kernels. It was okay though in case someone else stopped by. There were two donuts left over from the morning.


  1. LOL! at least you got a treat from the whole experience!

  2. Pretty expensive bag of popcorn, but could have been worse. You said there were two donuts left, but you didn't say how many had been there when you arrived. LOL

  3. well this is evidence that you never leave home without your camera. too bad about having to replace your c.c. in SE Wisconsin (actually just within the city limits) we have to have an emissions test every year before getting our yearly license plate sticker. yep. if our car fails, it's replacement time. there are ways around that of course. like having a rural address for where the car is kept. oh yeah! but the whole point is cleaner air for all of us. that's no comfort though when it comes time for that expensive replacement. what amazes me is that you were out of there in under 30 minutes. wow. happy Tuesday to you John.

  4. Nice popcorn machine!!!
    But I don't think I could afford it... ;-)

  5. Popcorn, my favorite thing in life. What a great find for you!! I would love to see something like this in real life. I even like "leftover" popcorn. Very nice posting.


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