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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I've been following the progress of Hurricane Irene up the east coast of the states and as with other major events with Nature, I always wonder how do the little creatures we enjoy taking pictures of, how do they make it through such disasters?
Or do they?


  1. dear John,
    I see also the messages over cnn from the german tv. The Hurricane "Irene" is dreadful. That makes me very sad. Your photos are as always - wonderful - and charms me a smile in my face!
    HOPE - is the word!!
    many hugs & greetings

  2. my friend Michelle at Rambling Woods blog posted some truly great information about just this topic - it's very interesting. it was her Tuesday August 23 post titled "What Happens to Birds When Hurricanes Hit?" you'll need to scroll down to read it.
    these are some outstanding macro shots John. very beautiful. I checked out that link to Annadel Park that you sent - there are a few fantastic photos of it, so thanks for that. it looks like an amazing spot, I would certainly be spending lots of time there were it nearby me. happy weekend to you. and Sinbad too. cute little bugger.

  3. here's a link to Michelle's post. I hesitate to put a link in the comment box. I recently read from somewhere that it messes things up. hope that is not the case here.


  4. beautiful shots. i can't imagine how the hummingbirds make it through those wind storms. i watched some here the other day when we had 50 mph winds - they struggled so hard to reach the sugar water but couldn't make it...

  5. Beautiful shots...I too have concerned about everyone and everything in the path of Irene..I have 4 more monarch butterflies to release that I have raised and I don't know how their migration will go....Michelle

  6. Just saying hello and hoping that everyone is safe during hurricane Irene's journey through the northeast. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa.

  7. Good questions and glad that Becky offered the link. Love your macro shots!

  8. Hope everyone stays safe. Great photos.

  9. Have wondered about the fate of animals in forest fires and oil spills, but never in storms. I'm hoping most have an instinctive way of hunkering down and waiting for the hurricane to pass. But Michelle's post wised me up some. I read an article about the fate of monarch butterflies that met a severe, unseasonable cold snap in Mexico. They clung to trees in thick layers so that only those on the outside died from the cold. The rest survived. Hopefully other animals have similar mechanisms.

  10. We have a nice little family of wild turkeys that I haven't sited since Irene passed through. I hope they are okay. I often wonder about the little wild things, too. But being part of nature, maybe they are smarter about it than we are.
    Great shots, btw!


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