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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not a Bee Fly

The other day, I referred to the lucky insect that freed himself from the spider's web as a bee fly. Well it really wasn't a bee fly but for the practical purpose of the blog post, that was good enough. It was a fly of some sort, that hovered about much like a bee, and therein lies it real name the "Common Hover Fly". They do not land that often but I was lucky enough to catch this one fellow taking a breather.

Most of the time they were darting about, having their little dogfights in the air, playing catch me if you can, or just plain hovering, seeing what I was all about. It was fun and challenging trying to get a shot of them doing just that.

Here is a Blue Bottle Fly, which is a common blow-fly.

"Blow-fly". So what exactly does the term blow-fly mean I wondered. Well here you are courtesy of Wikipedia: The name blow-fly comes from an older English term for meat that had eggs laid on it, which was said to be fly blown. The first known association of the term "blow" with flies appears in the plays of William Shakespeare: Love's Labour's Lost, The Tempest, and Antony and Cleopatra.

Well how about that. This has been a life-long affliction of mine going back to when I was a young lad. I'd look up something in my encyclopedias and would always become derailed reading about one thing, which led onto another, then another, and so on and so on for hours.
Now with the Internet I am able to get even further off track a helluva a lot faster.


  1. there goes john. off on another tangent... lost in cyberspace while he tracks down details of...what was it you were looking for again? :)

  2. Thanks TexWisGirl, my thoughts exactly.
    Hey John, do you spend hours on your posts?
    Really enjoy checking in to see whats on your mind.
    "Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me"...

  3. Hi John...( at least thats what your comments above refer to you as)
    Great job making the Common Hover Fly looking anything but common on your second photo!!
    Yes it is easy to get distacted...hmm ..what wasI doing.
    Oh yes.. nice informative post!!

  4. Lets blow this place, as in lets fly...
    Great photos of the little creatures...

  5. Nice macros and info about the flies. They're interesting critters.

  6. that second photo is amazing. I mean they all are, but that one I like the blue background you have going on. I do the same thing with the dictionary - forgetting what word I actually pulled it out to look up in the first place. happy Thursday to you John.

  7. Are you afraid when take photos of it, it can sting, you know.

  8. Nice shots! And your lucky indeed to have taken those shots.

    Yes, "Chinatours" is right, "it can sting".

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  9. Wow I now have lens envy. Great close ups.

  10. great hover shot!! really nice marcos with wonderful focus

  11. LOL ... I can find myself 5 minutes later 10 websites beyond my initial search. How did we ever exist without the internet??!!

  12. I came here today via Macro Monday and got totally side-tracked! SO, I totally relate to this post and getting side-tracked because I found my way here by scrolling down your blog to see what else you were up to and read every post in between your Macro Monday post and this one. I'm stopping here because it's breakfast time in my world and I must get some food and coffee in me before doing other things. I learned about hover flies myself when I first started getting into macro photography because I saw them doing their hovering thing in my garden and went off in search of what they were out of total curiosity. Lovely captures... if you visit my Macro Monday post, you will see one I saw in Sweden. (off to comment on your MM post before breakfast)


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