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Friday, August 19, 2011

Out To Lunch

The other day we went out to do something which turned into a story itself that may never get told, but in the end we had a nice lunch at a new (to us) place called Bruno's on Fourth. The owner's name is Bruno and the little restaurant is situated on 4th street. Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of the front. Let's just say, I didn't want to stand out in traffic to snap a shot.

They had a nice selection of wines to choose from.

Fortunately for me, they had a nice selection of beers also. This is my IPA which as you can see I was well in to before I pulled out my little point and click. For those of you new to my blog, I am not fond of wine.

I really liked the custom made tables created from old wine crates.

I had a Reuben on marbled rye,

and my wife a chicken Caesar, one of their specials for the day.
 Those fries may look like your standard old French fry but they were anything but that. Seasoned with garlic, herbs and other spices, what we couldn't eat we asked to take home with us. It's not a common practice to take your left over French fries home, but evidently here at Bruno's it is. Katie, our waitress, told us that customers always do and suggested to not re-heat them in a microwave. Instead use a toaster oven and they will be ideal. They were. 

Overall it was an excellent dining experience. We now have a new great place to go for a nice meal.


  1. i like that - famous for their doggie bag fries. they must be good!

  2. All the yummy pics!
    You're starting to look like a lot of the motorcycle blogs I follow where food is always part of the post!

    I think the Chicken Caesar would be my pick. Glad you found a nice place for lunch. :)

  3. Looks better than the current lunch I'm about to have! Seasoned fries I'm all for that! The wine tables, now that's recycling at its best..

  4. Dear John,
    I like the American-Food. it is however not good for my hip :-)
    yummy!! it is tasty
    greetings Synke
    PS: great photos!!

  5. Just yesterday we were eating lunch at a little cafe near where we are working and staying in New Zealand. As soon as the waitress brought lunch to the lady at the table next to us, she pulled our her camera and started taking photos from all angles. I had to laugh! I wonder how many of us are just as interested in taking pictures of our food as we are in eating it! Just catching up on your blog, great photos. Wish I had more time, but I stop by when I can. Thanks for keeping tabs on me!

  6. before you even mentioned it I was eying those fries. I LOVE french fries and since counting my calories lately I have been going for the baked instead of fried. but I would definitely make an exception for those. and the portions are wild. never met a potato I didn't love, no matter how it's served. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go out for a fish fry, a Wisconsin Friday tradition, and I'm gonna have me one of those tall beers, like you had. yep.
    love this post. love it.

  7. A great post to read and your images made me go out for my meal tonight instead of cooking my own...
    I enjoyed myself so many thanks.

  8. The food sounds and looks delish. Really like the custom tables.

  9. My hubby likes IPAs as well!
    I've had dinner but that meal looks great!

  10. Fries what a dream, of long ago.


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