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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Picture of Evil

I sat out back waiting to get some pictures of another bird unique to my area here in Northern California; a new contribution for World Bird Wednesday. Instead this rodent comes by, disrupting the entire bird scene and spoiling any possibilities for bird photos.

 Normally I wouldn't waste the film on their kind...wait, these cameras don't use film. Okay, nothing wasted except blog space. Yeah depending on your viewpoint, they are cute, darling and lovable, or despicable vermin who scare the birds off, eat seed from the birdfeeders and create endless frustrating hours for those of us attempting to outwit them from doing so.

Anyway, there's no question in my mind they are evil. Look at that sinister eye burning with pure wickedness.

So, here it is Wednesday and I have no bird to post on World Bird Wednesday. Thanks Mr. Squirrel.
Okay, truth of the matter is I messed around till the last day for the bird photos, but I felt better blaming him.


  1. Dear John,
    I have much laughed at your text!! It is a funny situation!
    you made like always beautiful photos!!
    our squirrels here in Germany have here the color red!
    in the Florida/USA I in addition, your nice squirrels saw!
    very fast - very speedily!!
    greetings & hugs from me ;-)

  2. Oh I can see the evil in those eyes, downright frightening. Glad you didn't waste any film on it. Have a great day.

  3. LOL! uh oh. another trap candidate...

    your squirrels have SUCH big ears!

  4. LOL - Funny little guy. I don't think I've ever seen one just stretched out and lounging. It's almost like he's mocking you..."yeah, I scared away the birds...whatcha gonna do about it" Cheeky little fellow :)

  5. Yeah lets hear it for the Squirrels!
    Who scare our birds away.
    He is looking pretty lazy and hot to me.
    You must be making him work awful hard.

  6. Poor Mr. Squirrel. He looks the picture of innocence to me!

  7. they're scamper rats. I love them, but lately they've been picking off my almost ripe tomatoes and chewing holes in them, then leaving them in the yard. so far I haven't gotten one ripe tomato from my vines. never saw them do that before this year. I'm thinking they're doing it for the water in the tomatoes. it's very very dry here. maybe I ought to put a pan of water out for them and they'd leave my green tomatoes alone.

  8. You are cracking me up! I like Ellen's comment so I'll repeat it:
    Embrace the squirrel! ~smile~

  9. John,
    Your shots are comical. That evil squirrel made me laugh. It looks so comfortable "guarding" the seed from the birds. I love your funny quips about blaming the squirrel too.

  10. HAS this fellow been flying from one coast to the other? I think I saw the same ONE on my yard bench not long ago!!


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