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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Amazing

This little bee, or fly, not sure which, was doing this strange little dance in the middle of the trail. He'd land in the dirt and shimmy about, shaking his little beehind, but not really accomplishing anything in the process. I don't know what the purpose any of this was.

This shot was taken about 6 feet away, using a monopod with my Nikon 70-300 VR zoom lens cranked up to 300mm.

Now here is a similar shot, same distance and settings but I cropped the image,
enlarging the image many times over.

Now that I think, is the pretty amazing part.

Judging by the first two comments, I am thinking what I was amazed about wasn't too clear. It wasn't the fact about the bug dancing about, it was the performance of the lens being able to produce this good of an image  from such a distance away and being enlarged to the degree that it was.
I wasn't using a macro lens 12 inches away. Instead a 300mm 6 feet away from a bee-sized fly.


  1. doing a little dance so he'd attract your attention. and it worked! beautifully!

  2. yeah, I agree with you about the amazing part. the lace of its wings. how furry is his little beehind. I'm wondering, how long did the show go on? and he's a very lucky fellow, that you didn't step on him! happy day to you John.

  3. Looks like this bee is sitting down to take a break. I have never seen a composition like this before! You are really enjoying your new lens. Cool. Keep em coming.

  4. That is excellent quality considering the enlargement, must be a really good lens and your focus must have been spot on to get this result. Nice one

  5. how strange, I don't know what it was doing either. Glad you had the 300 with you.

  6. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!


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