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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Return to Dragonfly Lake

Back at the lake where I had good luck with dragonflies before, I was fortunate to have this different species of dragonfly land and pose for me. I learned from another blogger about their habit of usually returning to the same spot to rest, resuming their watch or doing whatever it is they do when not flying. True to form, he always returned to this reed after chasing away another dragonfly, and perched himself on the tip.
Here he is after another landing offering a slightly different angle to the sun which was behind him. There was no way I could get myself behind him in order to get a shot of the topside of his wings. Well maybe I could have if I wanted to tromp around in the reeds through the water. I would probably sink down in the muck up to my knees only to find myself two feet shorter and still beneath him. Plus the prospect of hiking back two and half miles to the car wet and muddy was not that appealing just for a dragonfly photo.
A Mountain Lion photo yes, dragonfly no.

Incidentally the lake isn't called Dragonfly Lake. I just had to have some sort of title for this post.


  1. well, i'm going to pray for a mountain lion sighting then! just to make you work for it! :)

  2. That Tex girl, she's so awnry! But I'm with ya, I'd go thru muck to get tha shot!

  3. whoa, that last shot is truly beautiful. the light on his wings, oh my. so...what is the actual name of the lake, anyway? I really like that map you have at the top of this page under the header. as I type this there are three throbbing red dots, my own locale one of them. happy day to you and Sinbad.

  4. Great shots! who would have ever thought they return to a particular spot! I recently spotted one, was thinking I should grab my camera, but then a magpie bird actually grabbed it for lunch!!!

  5. What you need is a pair of rubber boots. Pretty inexpensive at the hardware store. But then you'd still end up with muddy boots. Forget the boots--just try not to fall in...

  6. Love the spots on it's wings. Great close ups.


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