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Sunday, August 7, 2011

St. Francis Winery Vineyards

This winery is right across the road from where we live here in the Valley of the Moon, so named for novelist Jack London whose ranch, now a state park, is just down the road apiece in Glen Ellen. We are truly fortunate to be able to live here in the Sonoma Valley and not a day goes by that we do not appreciate that fact. Seriously. Incidentally, the speck in the upper right corner is one of those ominous Turkey Vultures from the wedding scene of yesterday's post. I wonder how the newlyweds are doing.

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  1. Serriously...you live here?!?!

    I was just going to shoot you an email to give you an update on my slow loading page. Then I saw your comment come in about my pages loading faster.

    It took me about three hours to find it, Yahoo shut down mybloglog.com recently. I had an old java call for a script from mybloglog left over from the days of when I had a mybloglog stat widget. I ripped out the stat counter years ago…but it left a little snippit of code. It didn’t do any harm until mybloglog went down.

  2. Great shot. It could have been taken in my neck of the woods, too.

  3. I'm in awe of your landscape/scenery. you truly do live in what could be called God's country. that term was once used to describe the Lacrosse area here. or was that the slogan for Hamm's beer? never-mind. you've quite the lens and camera to produce this SOOC shot. the eye too. that vineyard is breath-taking.

  4. WOW, what a photo. Nice one, you have the eye of composition. What a relaxing atmosphere for you to be in.

  5. You are lucky. That's a beautiful scene. I've never visited a vinyard. That's on my list.

  6. You have a lovely landscape to view.

  7. What an aweseom awesome view you have!

  8. ok you just made me jealous. You stay in such a beautiful place !!


  9. Great description.
    A great view of the beautiful and the 'sweet-imported "state.
    Sincerely Eco ...
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo


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