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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I went to the Occupy rally held yesterday in Santa Rosa.
I missed the first rally, not knowing about it.
Here is their brand new banner.
There were free materials available to make your own sign or use one left behind from the first rally.
This sign cost $2 to make.
This lady's sign, I liked the best.
This little protester was still in the designing stages for her poster.
By 2pm a sizable crowd peacefully assembled in front of city hall.
A few short speeches were made. One from a representative from the city. Contrary to events at some rallies across the nation, the city of Santa Rosa decided that as long as the group remained peaceful, and there were no alcohol, drugs or public urination, the police department had been ordered to stand down and the city would allow an encampment on the front lawn. This was met with a lot of whooping, hollering and jumping for joy.
We then lined up across the street to begin our march downtown.
And we're off, California style.
Power to the pooch!
The message behind this pooch's poster is to pull your money out of all the big banks and place it in small banks and credit unions, thus effectively hurting the big banks where it will hurt the most. One of the speakers said there was a nationwide movement to do this on a certain date in November but I forgot what date he said. It was all right though as we already use small local banks.
I had a good time and will attend the next rally but will not camp out overnight. Sinbad would not tolerate that. 
"Wall street no! Main street yes!"

Post Script: My wife and I did a drive-by this morning and I was surprised by the number of tents set up. A couple dozen or more? I didn't have my camera with me so no pictures but I thought that was way cool. And I bet it was cool last night too.


  1. wow! good on you for going and getting into the thick of it and taking photos. I love the woman's sign recognizing Granny D - that's precious. she was a famous figure here at our Fightin' Bob festival every fall. (Fightin' Bob LaFollette years and years ago took on corporate monopoly as a Wisconsin senator). love the bare feet too. great shots all. it looks like the group there was similar to ours here in Milwaukee - a cross section of America with various age groups, colors, incomes. it's a misnomer that the protesters are young, lazy, and wanting nothing more than a hand-out. so many people signed the on-line petition to stop new debit card fees that those banks have now backed down from the proposal. so people do make a difference. stand up, be counted, or sit down and be quiet. or something like that. happy day to you John.

  2. Good for you JOhn, and thanks for showing the real nature and composition of this movement.

  3. Good going, John! I am right behind you. By the way, I love the feet photo best.

  4. Well done you!... People all over this wonderful planet are suffering because of the greed of others.

  5. Nice post. It really gives a face and personality to the movement when you see the individuals and personalities involved. PS: Thanks for the photo advice on my blog re: night photography. Very helpful, and much appreciated!

  6. November 5th is the money transfer day.


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