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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bison in the Movies

During this trip I wanted to explore the motion picture aspect of photography some. I see videos others have placed on their blogs which I enjoy and thus sparked my interest. Over the month on the trip I learned a lot of what NOT to do. My camera shoots in high definition. That is nice. My camera too has a great zoom capacity. That too is nice. But it also goes beyond into the digital zoom field where definition is then lost. You will be able to see this in the movie. So I have learned to not go there anymore if I want quality. Also I learned not to play with the zoom so much either. But most importantly I learned the importance of a tripod for stability. All the video I shot on this road trip was without a tripod which is a shame but that's how you learn what not to do.

I also want to give credit and a much appreciated thanks to Andrew from  rambles with a camera. His little videos really motivated me and he provided me with help in how to edit and publish. Thank you Andrew.

So here is my first real video, just over a minute in length:

Lastly, if I told your how many hours days I have spent in trying to get just this far with learning myself how to do this and get it on my blog...well I'll just try to forget all the agony and frustration. It was worth it in the end, at least now I can say that.


  1. nice to see the herds in movement! great job, john!

    and yes, andrew is a videographer.

  2. We have the odd bison farm over here. They're big critters and I'm nervous of ordinary sized cows. I'd certainly have needed a substantial zoom to get this. I notice a few blogs ago some bison pictures, which look much closer. Hope there was no rolling in the dust for Sinbad just then.

  3. It's a fantastic clip John...
    I love seeing American Bisons they really are beautiful beasts and now I can boast I have seen them in the wild (well almost)and the landscape is awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing more video clips in the future...

  4. A well shot video.
    On my 2003 trip I took hours and hours of badly shot video,including buffalo.It won't be seeing the light of day.I've learned since then.

  5. WOW!!!! that is so damn cool. now I understand what you talking about. this was way worth the effort, and thanks for putting this together. I've never seen them in motion/action like that. maybe from my car years and years ago, but this is even better. I like the sounds. at one point it sounded like an old reel-to-reel movie, and I love that. nice work John.

  6. That's good for your first try! I have a CANON 7D and I haven't tried doing video yet...you have inspired me! LOVE the bison! Hubby wants to go to Yellowstone next summer.


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