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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Buffalo Tipping with an Itch

Cow tipping is the purported activity of sneaking up on a sleeping, upright cow and pushing it over for fun.
My wife, always the prankster, took this activity to a new level with this bison in South Dakota.

Okay, the truth here is the bison was really just taking a dust bath because it feels good and helps rid themselves of fleas, ticks and such..
This video shows one bison who really has an itch and is working it out for all she can. Meanwhile her calf stands patiently by waiting for mom to finish. As she continues working on her itch it soon turns into pure ecstasy, oh so it seems and junior grows impatient. Enjoy.


  1. and we complain when our hands can't reach the itch in the middle of our backs...

  2. Too funny ... I thought your wife actually tipped it over. LOL! Love the new profile pic. Have a good weekend.

  3. Another wonderful clip John..
    It's lovely to see these lovely animals in motion..

  4. I missed a spot, could you just reach over here....

  5. oh she had it bad alright. there was a time when I could reach an itch on my back no matter where it was. now I find myself wanting one of those back-scratchers that were all the rave in the 60's. or maybe the 70's. remember those? I think I gave one to my dad as a gift and every now and then we'd come across it when going through the hall closet. to my knowledge it did get used once. but I digress. looking at the first photo I was convinced you'd come upon a bloated bison...
    thanks for the entertainment. and happy weekend to you.

  6. Beautiful creatures! (:

  7. heh heh :) I love when big animals take dust baths, so fun to watch!


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