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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drama in the Sky

Once home, the weather took a turn and we've had some rain and such, like colder temperatures. Not one day during our nearly month long road trip did we encounter rain. But there were some dramatic skies. These were taken at the Lava Beds National Monument in northern California.

Some may not be a big fan of black & white so I am including both versions of the same shot below.
You decide.


  1. I can't decide. I like them both, and love drama in the skies. having a second look, my favorite is the second photo. happy day to you.

  2. i like them both, but the color versions leap out at me more!

  3. Being from a black and white age,I think they are the more dramatic.
    Great shots.

  4. It must be an age thing... I love the black and white.

  5. 1st of all... I LOVE DRAMATIC SKIES! 2nd... Color or b&w, it doesn't matter to me =)

    Fantabulous shots!!! =)

  6. These are just stunning. Can't decide if I like the color or b&w more.

  7. Looks like Bad WEather! And I love it.


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