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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Larger Yesterday

 Yesterday's reflection shot focused on the birds alone.
Here I wanted to capture the entire scene with Mt. Shasta sitting majestically in the distance.
As a bonus, one of the cormorants opened his wings. I liked that.
Thank you to all who left such nice comments on yesterday's post.


  1. okay, so enlarge BOTH of them and HANG THEM IN MY OFFICE!!! :)

  2. Beautiful view, the snowy Mt. Shasta is am azing! ;-)

  3. Wonderful view.
    The photo under is amazing.


  4. A beautiful mountain view... to capture the birds as well is a real bonus.

  5. What a fabulous picture.
    Love the mountain.Just read that Mount Shasta erupts about every 600 years and the last major eruption was 200 years ago.
    No worries then unless you're an immortal (and then why would you worry)

  6. Awesome shot. I love the Mt Shasta in the background and the birds.

  7. I like that one of them is flexing their wings too. I had trouble leaving a comment on previous post and had to re-write. one of the things I left out on the second try was - this photo must please you tremendously. it sure pleases me. I love them both, the close-up and the landscape. it's a splendid shot and truly couldn't get any better. I'm enthralled by the glassiness of the water and what's taking place at that particular moment in time. wildlife abounds and it gives me a sense of the activity there throughout the day. it would be like watching a wildlife movie, only much better. I'm a bit surprised at the amount of snow on the mountain for this time of year. it's beautiful. happy day to you.


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