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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Little Birdhouse on the Prairie

I became fascinated with the great plains during this trip not ever getting enough of what the prairie has to offer. I will be going back. Here we were camped just a few miles south of the Little Big Horn battlefield in Montana. If you look at the far horizon just to the the right of the stand of trees is a bare hill with two little specks just visible on the summit. That is where Gen. George Custer and company met their fate on June 25, 1876.
I turned around to resume my walk through the grassland and was treated to this.


  1. Those sudden storms are amazing.

  2. oh man. I think "O Pioneers!" when I look at these. (that's one of my favorite books). there's such a raw, isolated beauty, it's impossible not to be filled with wonder. this week's lecture for the master gardening class I'm currently taking was about prairies. they are surely fascinating lands. have you ever witnessed prairie dogs? fun. I love the black and white photo. it's the grasses, and the clouds. sometimes I think I could live there, but what a different reality that would be. thanks for today's measure of delight. happy day to you.

  3. A fantastic post... I am a bit of a history freak so it's lovely to see the site of LBH as it really is.
    My parents lived in South Africa in the 1950's and I was born there. We lived in Durban not far from Rorkes Drift another famous battle site from the 1800's.
    They brought me back to the UK aged only two so no recollection but my brother went back for his 50th a couple of years ago and got some fantasic images. I must do it myself one day.

  4. Wow, John. Beautiful and historical. I remember seeing a movie about Little Big Horn when I was young and I never got over Custard being killed.

  5. Interesting post! Thanks for showing us a part of the country I may not make it to any time soon. Those skies are soooo dramatic! Awesome!

  6. Dear John,

    I am speechless at the sight of your beautiful photos!!

    so nice - the photo with the No. 3 is my favorite!!!


  7. WoWoWeee! These are beautiful! I love a dramatic sky & you've definitely delivered... Awesome captures & that birdhouse is a hoot... quite beautiful sitting there in that field under that sky! =)

    RE my Forced To Move post: You'd think people would be able to sue, but the thing is that if the land owner holds out too long to fails to agree on a price, DOT can TAKE their property & not pay a dime for it... my dad almost found that out the hard way... =0

  8. My! you've done some cracking photography in the last few blogs.

  9. Beautiful pictures.
    There are very few places in the U.K to see storms at a distance.
    I do remember one trip though when travelling through the hills north of Dumfries at twilight when I was surrounded by the roar of thunder and streaked lightening all around.
    Swan Hills,Alberta is the only other place I've watched distant storms.

  10. Your black and white photo is absolutely stunning.

  11. what wonderful photos! I just stopped by to say hello from BPOW.

  12. Outstanding photos of amazing scenery! I gave you one of my weekly Goddess Awards - great post!

    In joy,


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