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Monday, October 17, 2011

Prairie Dogs

These little guys, well I could just watch them for hours.
We came to learn that the individuals whose burrows were close to the road were use to people being around and didn't mind being photographed. We also noticed those same prairie dogs were rather large compared the their relatives further away from the road. Now why would that be?
You get only one guess.

Pretty and plump.

Notice Scarface here. He's been in quite a few scraps in his time. He is a bit leaner also, a benefit of living far from the road, people and their junk food handouts.

I didn't film the prairie dogs at the first location for I would be getting a lot of people comments in the footage. "Aw, aren't they cute?" At the next place we saw them there were no people. Thus the little guys were very shy and ducked down into their burrows. At least here you are able to hear them bark out their little squeaks of warnings or just plain communicating with each other. "Is he gone?" "Nope, still there. Stay down." So enjoy this little film clip mostly for the sound.


  1. Mainio Kuva-Sarja uudesta tuttavasta.
    En ole aikaisemmin moista 'otusta' nähnyt - edes kuvissa...!
    Hienosti esiintyy mallina...

  2. The details on the second shot are great!
    They are really cute, what a huge community you found! ;-)

  3. so cute!

    as you were moving along the trail, it almost sounded like you were pushing a squeeky grocery cart. ha!

  4. Aw !shucks,can they be tamed to be pets ?

  5. I LOVE this!!! I just love prairie dogs. they're such curious creatures to watch and listen to. I've replayed your video a couple of times. there was, at one time, a large population in Iowa; I'm not sure what is left of it these days. there are prairie dog hunts that take place each year too. imagine that. they're such gentle, humble little guys. I wonder what happened to Scarface. he'd be the one that I'd want to adopt and look after. what a cutie. thanks for the great video. happy day to you John. this was pure pleasure. as usual.

  6. Brilliant John.. they are wonderful to see (and hear).
    My biggest problem taking video clips is also other people.. many a lovely video has had to have annoying music added as an alternative to constant chatter..

  7. Hi there - what a splendid animal - I think old scarface must be a bit of a fighter! Its a face with a story!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  8. ahhh! super cute. I could watch 'em for hours too..so much personality. Really like that first shot!


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