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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Riding High Along the Canadian Border

We spent the better part of the day driving east across Montana on Highway 2 which parallels the border with Canada. That is Canada to the left of the grey vertical line on the GPS with Saskatchewan above the dotted line and Alberta below. The little blue triangle is the Little House on the Highway travelling east.

These folks are riding high class on the Amtrak train. I wonder where there are going. Chicago?

This load of crap, junk, freight from China is riding high to...hopefully far far away.

And there was this cyclist riding high for I suppose just a better view of the world around him.
I'd like to know how he manages when there is a strong side wind.

Sinbad though, he'll ride anywhere he pleases.

Sinbad and I are happy to not be on Hwy 2 now for it is snowing there today.



  1. That bike is so cool (it doesn't mean I'd like to go for a ride on it)!
    Sinbad is gorgeous even when he is taking a nap. :)

  2. that bike is unusual ... I'd prefer Sinbad's position instead!

  3. Sinbad looks quite content - SO cute! :)

  4. Sinbad is quite the traveler. I would love to see Montana.

  5. I swear we saw that guy on his unusual bike 2 weeks ago when we were down near Morro Bay during vacay. We were wondering how the heck he actually gets up on and off that thing. And, I'll tell anyone, China is poised to take over the world's economy. Invest now.

  6. all of your photos are great, but when you post a photo of Sinbad? well, my heart melts and he's all that I see. I can stare at his photo for a long long time and still not see all of him. he is truly the most adorable thing. he has a little bit of sun on his face and I suspect the reason he's laying there in the first place is because he was initially in full sun and then it moved. what a little dear. happy day to you John, and thanks for the Sinbad fix.

  7. Got to agree with Katie.Even in the good old U.S of A you're looking towards the east and China.

    If you've got the snow I guess it'll be our turn next.As sure as eggs is eggs we get your weather after you've finished with it.

    Great pictures and give Sinbad a nice big belly rub from me.


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