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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Signs on Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

Regular followers will know that for a good part of last month's road trip we followed the Lewis and Clark route. At Lolo Summit we discovered the new visitor center, still in it's final stages of being completed. That is where I bought my Lewis and Clark book and my wife found the free hot chocolate. As we pulled out of the parking area I swung by to read this sign. My wife said to me "You know what?" (cue Twilight Zone music here) "Today is September 13." We just happened to arrive there exactly 206 years after the Corps of Discovery. 

 I am always pulling off at places marked as Historical Sites, that's if I see it in time and can get the Little House on the Highway slowed down in time. This site here was just an old abandoned cement bridge. No big deal. But I thought the photograph of Chief Timothy interesting in the fact that he was a quite handsome Indian. Kind of looks like a young Buster Keaton.

The main objective of the road trip was Glacier National Park, the only national park west of the Mississippi we had yet to visit. The morning we arrived at the gate was like a Clark Griswold arriving at Wally World moment for me (Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation). This is one of the most elaborate park signs I've seen. 

Lastly, when you see a sign like this on the restroom doors of the RV park you are staying at you begin to start thinking you've made a mistake in your choice of places to stay. It proved to be the worst one of the entire trip. We had picked it only because it was closest to Glacier N.P.


  1. laughing at the restroom sign. and at the clark griswold reference!

  2. How weird was that visiting on the anniversary of such an important event.. and also on your own trail of discovery.

    Griswolds you ain't... lol

  3. That really is a funny sign in your last shot.

    Re: The dog in my post was not bored at all, she was loving all the attention she was getting. I had a hard time capturing her in a still moment.

  4. interesting bits of history. I've often wished I would have been either Lewes or Clark. but then, maybe not. but what a mind-blowing experience it must have been to travel through all those uncharted, wild territories. the restroom sign is curious - why the need? I would have to be very very desperate to even think about entering a men's room - they're usually pretty darn gross. but not to be outdone, some ladies rooms I've been in could compete in that respect.
    the sign for Glacier is a work of art. I'm wondering how much it cost to construct it. but it looks like it will be around for a long time. happy day to you John.

  5. Weird sign, and funny that your premonition that it might not be such a great place to stay turned out to be true!

  6. Oh, it's been some time since I've been to Lolo pass. Interesting you were there exactly 206 years later. :)

  7. Can you imagine what it looked like 206 yrs ago? WoW!!!

    Chief Timothy IS handsome & sounds like he was definitely an interesting man, too!

    Glacier NP is a place I have to see before I die... I see so many pics from there & even watch several web cams set up there & I just have to go... on my bucket list!!! heheheee

  8. Love that Twilight Zone comment! Always love your humor!

  9. What a wonderful trip.

    We have a Lolo Pass and Summit here in Oregon as well (part of the Oregon Trail).

    I notice too that you've been to the John Day Fossil Beds. I've lived in Oregon my entire life and have yet to visit there. Thanks for the pictorial tour. :-)


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