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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The "Antique" Store

I've been through Scipio Utah several times and nothing ever seems to change with this antique store junk shop. It is always as I remembered it.

I really should get the story behind these signs on the side of the building the next time.

Highly collectibles. I wonder if this stuff sits outside year round.

Now these are something of interest and value. There was a price but I've forgotten it.
I really need to take better notes.

But this here was something new and the best of the lot, but unfortunately not for sale.
I didn't not notice the marking on her head at the time but see it now and it sure does not look natural.

So friendly and oh so cute.
Here she is doing a Sinbad, sticking her nose in the lens.

I left her to her duty of watching the door for that brief moment when it opened and she could dart inside.

"Hey Sinbad, would you like a little girl friend?"


  1. Hahaha, fun post!
    That little girl is a cutie! :)

  2. oh, she's a beauty! blue smudges and all! i think i'd have to steal her...

  3. Found your blog recently and am enjoying your photos!

  4. LoL! What a cute kitty & looks like a neat place to poke around =)

  5. now hold on. wait just a minute. Sinbad is spoken for. Daiseymae gets first dibs. Oh, I know, this one is cute and her fur isn't grizzled, she has no snaggle-tooth and she most likely has a cute little swagger. a new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows every corner. she is a cutie though. I like the metal lawn chairs in the second photo. so...are you saying that the same items are for sale each time you pass through? well buy something next time!
    happy day to you John and little orange guy.

  6. Shame on my, I had to look up where Scipio was and though I have obviously driven right by it many times I've never stopped. Next time I drive by in decent weather I'm going to try. Great shots John.

  7. lots of pretty OLD things. the kitty is so cute and it looks like a blue x on her head, strange


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