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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Better Than Television

After about a half an hour Sinbad got bored watching the turkeys on PBS's NATURE  so he then moved over to watch the fish tank for awhile.
He really does watch Nature. Any other TV program he ignores. You should of seen him when I watched the episode about cats a few years ago. Nose to the screen. I thought he would ruin his eyes.
Then he put his paw to the glass. It was too cute.

Taken with my Canon point & click, hand held, no flash and
for more pictures taken Straight Out Of the Camera on SOOC Sunday click here.


  1. oh this made me snicker! then i let out a big 'awwww!!!!'

  2. He looks totally absorbed in that. I've heard that dogs see only in B&W is that also true of cats?

    Your photos may be SOOC but many of mine are not. Since you mentioned it on my blog this morning I will tell you that I did tweak the saturation on that one some. After all, photography can be just another form of art.

  3. I was on my way to see your Weekend Reflection shot when I saw this one...I love it!! The best shot of the day!!! I have a cat that often sits in front of my computer like that and watches the screen change!!! Great capture...love the lighting!

  4. I was hoping to enlarge it so I could see his fish, but couldn't make it any bigger. I'll take Sinbad's word for it that he actually has fish in his tank. I tell you, one of my kitties - Beanie da Buddha - would sit there for hours staring at...nothing. Sinbad is so cute. the other evening I got home from a fish fry and Daiseymae didn't greet me at the door. I went upstairs, she wasn't on my pillow. Checked under the bed, in the basement, hollered around the house. She had me freaked. very unusual. Finally found her behind the couch laying on the bottoms of the curtains. Wha??? first time for everything I guess. at any rate, I was wondering if you ever lose Sinbad in the house. Daisey was listening to me and watching me the whole time. little scamp. happy Sunday to you and the Little One who watches glowing tank.

  5. Wonderful to see... I once had a cat that used to watch sport on the TV.. and trying to catch the little players as they ran around.
    Lovely memories.

  6. I agree with Sinbad, he has good taste.
    Sweet moment. :)

  7. That is so cute! I bet your fish have a nervous complex. My sister had a cat once that would chase after basketballs on the television.

  8. That is SO funny. The Fish Channel...
    I'm finally starting to get used to not having my Kitty around anymore but it's definitely a different world for me now. Kind of sucks... The neighbor cats have been warming up to me though. Two live upstairs--the female likes to entertain the thought of catching squirrels, and the male is very curious about the deer that hang out in my yard and on the hillside.

  9. That is so funny ... my Kramer is so disinterested in TV ... then of course, he is of only average intelligence. But that Sinbad...well, he seems to have an interest in improving his worldly knowledge.

  10. Oh this is wonderful! You made me smile AND laugh!


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