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Monday, November 21, 2011

Farmers Market

I stopped in at the Farmers Market this weekend for some more photo opportunities. Nope, I didn't buy anything as my wife was not along. She selects the groceries. I just eat them. We live in Sonoma County, northern California and are fortunate to have a long growing season. Thus there was a cornucopia of produce, flowers and such and we all know what that looks like, so I focused on the other items instead.

This is my first attempt to get an overall scene shot and this little girl wasn't about to move. She really wanted her picture taken. I obliged then got the above shot later on the next aisle over.

Custom made chicken coops for those who want the very best for their chickens.

Easy access to the eggs.

The prices. The man's face lit up when I said I was going to put this on my blog.

It was a grandfather and grandson operation and the grandson looked to be in his 50's.
Maybe grandpa made these baseball bat hat racks.

Next to grandpa and grandson, was another enterprising wood worker.

Interested in a custom rustic gardener's potting station, or a carry box for your garden tools?
I see registration tags are due for the one above.

Now I made a real nice set of Adirondack chairs awhile back. Still have them. But this guy took the design to a whole other level and I was impressed. Made from oak wine barrel stays.

Okay, here is a food shot. You name it and I think they had it in seafood.

And we had some music for your shopping pleasure.

I really couldn't see how the metal bucket could tip so easily but I stayed clear anyway.


  1. ha ha!

    i love all the old barn board woods and 'recycled' treasures! the chicken coops are pretty darn cool. :)

  2. Love these things. Very rarely see one around here, but maybe I'm not looking. Good thing you stayed clear of the dangerous tipping bucket. LOL!

  3. Blue eggs are so cool!
    I like the little curious girl too. :)

  4. It looks like a wonderful place to visit John... so much to see.

  5. Thanks for the tour of the market. It sure looks like jut about anything can be found there. :)

  6. It's cool where you live John.

  7. oh I'd love to have one of those chicken coops!!! my city has an ordinance against any livestock, with sucks. one woman recently tried fighting city hall in an attempt to keep her pet goat - no way. poor thing had to go live with strangers in the country, but I suspect it's doing fine, really. you find the most interesting things to photograph. I love the table by the Adirondack chair - the curve of the legs is great. that's a cool idea for recycling wine barrels. I like those old license plates. Wisconsin stopped changing the color every year a long time ago, and I miss that. I don't like our current design, but the people voted on it, so can't say I didn't have input. I just didn't vote for the design that won! the people look dressed for cool temps but I suspect they don't know what "cold" really is! thanks for the peek into your farmer's market. it was fun. happy day to you John.

  8. Farmer's markets are so fun to walk about, and they do offer many food and photo ops. nicely captured

  9. Looks like an amazing market. I would find it hard not to pick up a few things.


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